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by Margo Sluman (Brantford, ON, Canada)

We had no idea that our 4 yr. old neutered male cat, Alien was watching us. He was sitting on the front porch while we were talking to a passerby who was out walking her big black lab. All of a sudden the dog jumped up on me and I exclaimed something in surprise.Alien literally flew through the air, SCREECHING, and then landed right in front of us! The poor surprised dog whimpered and the woman was just horrified. As for us we were however secretly proud of Alien for trying to serve and protect us from harm. The strange part was that this was far from a solitary incident. About a month later my husband was in the back talking to a neighbor’s dog thru the slat in the fence. The dog raised up in excitement and Alien who was apparently watching, unnoticed from behind my husband, had crept up and flew through the air screeching again at the dog!He is definitely our Alien Protector! Any body else here of a guard dog cat or seen a feline be so protective under what seems such overwhelming circumstances? When a cat stands up to a dog is it an act of bravery or stupidity. We don’t want alien to get hurt sticking up for us.

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Alien the ATTACK CAT by: Anonymous Good watch cat to have your back in case there is trouble!


The Attack Cat by: Anonymous Cats CAN be very protective. They also seem to know exactly where the property line of their home is. When we lived in the city, Tom, our then cat would sit on the porch and watch neighbour dogs walk by. However, if one even stepped a toenail on our lawn, he would be off like a shot to chase the miscreant down the street. After we moved to the country,we had a Burmese cat and her three daughters. They routinely chased any stray dogs down the road past our property line. The size of the dog did not seem to have any bearing on whether the cats would attack. Some of the victims were labs, huskys, shepherds and collies.


what a special cat! by: Anonymous Aren’t you lucky to have such a protective wonderful pet. Go Alien Cat!


Alien the Cat by: Susan Truly, this cat is protecting it’s owner! They might be small in stature, but they can be fearless! Way to go, Alien!