8 Unique Cat Products to Make Caring for Your Furry Friend a Breeze

unique cat products

Our furry little cat babies are a part of our families, so of course, we want only the best for them.

Around 68% of all American households own a cat, so making sure you get the best products for them is important. With so many people owning cats, it’s no surprise that there are thousands of products to choose from.

If you’re looking for some unique cat products for your feline friend, you’re in luck. Here are 8 of the best and most unique products to make your cat feel special.

8 Unique Cat Products for Your Fluffy Friend

These eight unique products will make your kitty feel like the royalty they are.

1. Automatic Feeder

This nifty little gadget will save you time and it looks like it’s from the future!
It releases food throughout set times in the day to feed your cat for you.

It’s the perfect gadget for when you’re out of the house all day and can’t be there to feed your cat. You can buy some great automatic feeders here.

They also control and regulate the amount of food released so your cat doesn’t end up being over-fed. They keep the food sealed so it remains safe from other
animals or insects.

2. Smart Collars

By now, most of us have owned or at least heard of smartwatches. They regulate our heart rates and exercise and make it easier to stay healthy.

Well, who says cats can’t have the same as well? PetPace is a smart collar which will track their health and activity levels.

It also can detect any abnormalities and alert you when something may be wrong. If your cat does fall ill, you’ll know to take them to the vet right away.

3. Cat Cam

Have you ever wondered what your cat gets up to when you’re not around?

The Eyenimal Cat Videocam is the perfect gadget for seeing life the way your cat does. It’s a video camera which attaches to your cat’s collar and starts to record when it senses your cat move.

It’s a fun way to get a video record of your cat’s day and check out what they’ve been up to.

4. Self-Cleaning Litter Box

One of the most annoying things about caring for a cat is cleaning the litter box. If your cat is also a kicker when it comes to using the box, it’s even more frustrating.

The CatGenie is a litter box which cleans itself! It acts like a toilet and flushes away your cat’s waste. The litter is re-usable and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

5. Automatic Vaccum Cleaner

The Roomba is a great way to keep the house clean, but it’s also great for your kitty.

Hear me out! It may not be specific to cats, but it’s a great gadget to get cat hair out the carpet. It’s also a fun play-thing for your cat to chase after and play with.

6. Flower Water Fountain

Is your cat is one who won’t touch their water dish bit prefer the drips from the tap?

If so, the Catit Flower Fountain is the perfect gadget. It’s a water dish which serves cold, filtered water in the style of a water fountain. Your cat can enjoy drinking from the sprays and you’ll know the water is fresh.

7. Outdoor Cat House

Do you live in a hot area or worry about your cat when he goes outdoors?

We’ve all heard of dog houses, but what about a cat house? The Kitty Tube is an insulated outdoor cat house. It provides safety and shelter for your furry friend when they’re out adventuring.

8. Smart Scratching Post

If your cat loves to scratch things, you may fear for your furniture every day. A scratching post is the obvious solution to this problem.

But most of them don’t fit with the decor, except for the SmartCat scratch post. This is sturdy, tall and durable. It’s stylish enough to fit in with the decor and won’t topple over.

Get These Unique Cat Products for Your Favorite Feline

If you’ve been looking for useful and unique cat products, these are perfect for you. They will make caring for your cat so much easier. Not to mention, they’re great to show off to other cat owners!

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