7 Ridiculously Fun Things to Do With Your Cat


When you think of cats, you probably think that they all stick to themselves most of the time, but did you know that cats can become irritable if they’re not given enough stimulation? 

To avoid an irritable kitty, you need to make sure to find fun things to do with your cat. What happens when you run out of things to do with fake mice, catnip, and jingle bells? 

Well, there are plenty of awesome activities that you and your cat can actually do together that you both will love. 

Keep reading for our guide to seven ridiculously fun things to do with your cat. 

1. Play With a Laser

Lasers are an awesome cat activity that your kitty will be sure to love. There is something about the laser cat toy that kitties just love!

Their attention is drawn to the bright shining light, and you can watch as they dance across the room, chasing the laser. A laser toy is definitely something your cat will love to play with and will keep their attention as long as you want to play with them. 

Another important reason to play with your cat is so that they can get enough exercise. When your cat chases a laser across a room, they will definitely get lots of good exercise out of it. 

2. Take Your Kitty on a Walk 

Did you know that one of the best things to do with cats is to take them for a walk? Just like a dog, you can put a leash on your cat and go for a walk! 

Unfortunately, cats aren’t natural leash walkers, so it might take a little bit of time to get your kitty used to walk on a leash. Once you get your cat trained for leash walking, then the two of you can start going on walks every so often. 

If you do want to take your kitty for walks, then make sure to start them out when they’re younger. This way, it will be easier to train them. Sadly, taking walks isn’t for all cats, and if yours seems stressed, then you definitely shouldn’t force your cat to go on a walk. 

3. Record a Cat Video

Watching cat videos used to be all the rage on the internet, but have you ever thought about making cat videos with your kitty? Recording a cat video is simple as long as you have a way to capture a cute video of your furry friend. You can use your smartphone or camera and then upload the footage to your computer. 

Either record your cat playing, cuddling, or doing something funny! 

Check out this guide on how to use iMovie so you can edit your cat video and post it to your favorite social media platform so all your friends can watch. They’ll love seeing you and your cat playing together and being cute. 

4. Play Dress Up

Another one of our favorite cat activities is playing dress-up with our feline friends! Around Halloween time, you can get tons of cute Halloween costumes that are perfect for your kitty. 

Whether you want your cat to be a hot dog, mermaid, or a character from your favorite movie, you can find the perfect costume. 

Be sure to have a photoshoot with your cat once they’re all dress up too! You can post the pictures to social media so all your friends and family members can see your cat in their favorite costume. 

5. Let Your Kitty Go On a Food Hunt

When thinking of what to do with your cat, you can create a food hunt for them. Kitties love treats, and they will be able to sniff them out no matter where you hide them. 

A fun cat activity to do is to hide treats or small amounts of food around your house for your cat to find. Hide treats for your cats in corners, under blankets, or even in more difficult spaces that you don’t think your cat would look for a real challenge. 

You will have fun watching your cat discover treats all over your home. Plus, your kitty will get a reward each time they find their tasty treat! 

6. Teach Your Cat a New Trick

If you’re really bored and looking for what to do with your cat, then you can always teach your kitty a new trick. One of the best tricks you can teach your cat is responding to its name when you call it. 

You can even teach your cat to sit, stay, come, stand, or get a bit crazy and jump through a hoop. 

When teaching your cat a new trick, you should make sure that you’re using positive reinforcement. Verbal and physical praise is the best way to get your point across to your kitty about what you want them to know. Give your kitty a treat, praise them, or even pet them, but don’t yell or hurt them as cats don’t respond well to this type of treatment. 

7. Watch Television Together

You would be surprised how much your kitty actually likes watching TV. Plus, it can be a big stress reliever for you to sit back and relax with your kitty on the couch. 

Put on some cat-friendly television channels such as an aquarium channel. You can watch as your furry friend stares intently at the screen or gets even more intense and bats at the TV, trying to get the fish. 

Another channel you might want to check out is one with birds or rodents. Your cat might go a little crazy watching the TV, and you’ll get a good laugh out of it. Either way, you both will get entertainment out of watching television together. 

Finding Fun Things to Do With Your Cat

You and your feline friend are going to have an awesome time working your way through these activities. It is clear that there are plenty of fun things to do with your cat, so have a blast finding all of the great things you can do together. 

Get creative with finding new and fun things to do with your kitty so that neither of you gets bored. 

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