5 Indoor Plants Safe for Cats

Indoor Plant

If you’re a cat owner that loves keeping plants in the home, you know the struggle is real to keep kitty from chewing their leaves and flowers. Unfortunately, there are over 700 plants that are poisonous to pets which means you have to take care to make sure you don’t bring one home if you have a cat.

The good news is there are dozens of plants that not only pose no danger to felines but that are also pretty and low maintenance. Here’s a list of five indoor plants safe for cats that you’ll love adding to your home.

1. Ponytail Palm

A plant that looks like a head sprouting strands of hair makes for one very cool addition to your home. This mini tree adds a tropical touch to any living space.

If you’re forgetful about watering your plants, this choice is right for you. It requires dry soil and should only be watered when the dirt is completely dried out. You can also keep it in low light half the time and it will still thrive.

2. Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus makes a cheerful cat-friendly substitute for poisonous poinsettias. But with its bright red or pink flowers, you’ll want to keep this plant—which doesn’t even resemble cacti when its blossoms are in full bloom—out year-round.

During the summer you can place this beauty outdoors so it can soak up the sunshine and warmer temperatures but bring it back inside before the first frost. Unlike the ponytail palm, this plant needs moist soil at all times.

3. Spider Plant

With its bouncy “babies” that resemble the eight-legged insect, your cat may think the spider plant is a toy, but it won’t harm them. A staple in 1970s houses, the spider plant has never really gone out of style.

Too much direct sunlight will brown the tips, a common complaint with this plant. Keep the soil evenly moist for a healthy, happy mommy spider.

4. African Violets

If you’re ready to step up your houseplant care skills, the African violet may challenge you a bit, but rewards with colorful blooms. For a start, these picky plants require lukewarm water that’s been sitting out for at least 48 hours. You must also take care not to get a drop on the blooms or it can cause spots.

If you’re into nature photography, the flowers are the perfect subject for close-up shots.

5. Swedish Ivy

Perfect for hanging baskets, this glossy plant prefers consistent temperatures year-round and watering once weekly. It grows fairly quickly, enabling you to propagate every so often for new plants. You can also create a new ivy by cutting off a stem and placing it into a new pot.

Remember This List of Indoor Plants Safe for Cats

Keep this list of indoor plants safe for cats handy the next time you’re looking for a new houseplant. And as many cats love to chew on vegetation to help their digestive system, considering growing a pot of cat grass for your kitty. Besides keeping their tummy happy, it’ll distract them from nibbling on your plants.

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