3 Amazing Outdoor Cat Shelter Ideas for Any Backyard

Outdoor Cat Shelter

In the United States, 42.7 million households own cats! If you’re one of them, then you probably spoil your kittens rotten.

For most people, they have indoor cats. But what if you want to give your pets a taste of the great outdoors? You’ll want to do it in a safe way so they don’t harm wildlife, nor get injured themselves.

If you want to build an outdoor cat shelter so your furry friends can enjoy your yard, then here are 3 great ideas you can try.

1. Catio

A catio is a “cat patio”, also known as cat houses or cat playpens. If you’re into large outdoor cat enclosures, then this just might be perfect for your kitten.

Basically, a catio is a huge cage that you can place in your yard. It’s typically made of a wooden frame and some chicken wire.

It’s simple enough that you can build a catio of your own, especially if you’re into DIY projects and also want a customized playpen for your cat. However, there are also companies that sell catio kits so all you have to do is put it together once you receive one. It can cut down on the time you need to spend putting together the playpen.

2. Cat Treehouse

This is perfect if you live somewhere that has mild weather all year long. All you need are some wooden panels and nails to put this outdoor cat shelter together!

Find a strong tree that your cat likes visiting. Take advantage of the tree’s natural “design” and build the treehouse around its branches. This can create a unique and endearing house that your kitten likes to frequent.

Consider building a ramp up to the treehouse if you’re worried about your pet injuring themselves.

3. Heated Cat House

Maybe you want to go all out and completely spoil your cat! In that case, put your DIY skills to use and build your pet a heated outdoor cat house.

You can choose to make the outside out of either plywood or plastic. Consider insulation if you’re somewhere very cold; styrofoam can actually do the trick!

Choose a good spot in your yard and make sure the cat house is elevated by either wooden pallets or brick. Not only will this help with insulation, but it’ll also protect again floods and/or snow.

Build a small entrance and doorway, complete with plastic flaps. This will help keep the heat in.

Feel free to go crazy with customizations to really make your cat feel at home!

Build an Outdoor Cat Shelter Today

Now you have a few ideas for building an outdoor cat shelter. But these should just serve as inspiration!

Your cat deserves the best of both worlds (indoors and out), so start dreaming up ideas so your pet can thoroughly enjoy your yard with as little danger as possible. They’ll surely appreciate the effort you put in, so the purrs will be worth all the work!

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