11 Purr-fect Birthday Presents for Cats They’ll Absolutely Love

Cat on a Basket

In the United States of America, 67% of households own a pet. That pet is part of the family and deserves the world.

Dogs often get a lot of love. They’re wildly affectionate and love you unconditionally, so if you get them a gift, they’re bound to show their appreciation even though they may not understand that it’s their birthday.

That doesn’t mean that you should forget about their cat!

Not all cats are as desperate to please as dogs, but there are gifts you can get your Purr-baby that they’ll definitely love. 

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your cat won’t appreciate it. Get them one of these amazing birthday presents for cats, and there’s no way they won’t love it.

1. A Cat Tree, for the Adventurer

What cat wouldn’t love a cat tree?

The birthday cat will be excited even just seeing this. Cat trees allow these animals to get up high and overlook their kingdom, which is what every cat loves to do.

Added bonus: it may stop them climbing on the surfaces of other furniture and knocking things off!

2. Cat Wine, for the Sophisticated Feline

Cat wine has arrived on the market!

No, it’s not actually alcohol. Yes, it’s safe.

Infused with catnip, cat wine is a legitimate way for your cat to get ‘drunk’. It’ll mellow out your cat, just as real wine would do for you.

3. An Interactive Laser Toy, One of the Classic Great Birthday Presents for Cats

Anyone who owns a cat knows how wild they go for lasers.

Although you can buy handheld ones, you might get tired after a while.

Instead, why not buy a battery-operated interactive laser toy? You can watch your cat get hours of fun out of this, and you don’t even have to do anything but replace the batteries every now and again. 

4. Go the Extra Mile With a Whole Birthday Party

Sometimes the best gift to get for a cat birthday is a whole party.

Get them treats instead of a cake and maybe even a party hat — if your cat is the rare kind that will tolerate it for a few seconds, that is. Chances are they won’t wear it for long, but you can at least snap a pic if they let you balance it on your head!

You could even go the extra mile and theme the party. Make an escape room birthday party out of old boxes, and hide treats instead of clues. 

A cat birthday party will be hilarious fun for both you and your baby. 

5. A Harness, so Your Kitty Can Enjoy Outside Time

It’s not advisable to let cats roam outside unsupervised if you can avoid it, but that doesn’t mean they can never experience the outside world.

Get a secure harness for your cat. It might take a bit of getting used to but soon, your cat should be able to roam around the lawn outside with you keeping them safe.

It’s a secure way to let them enjoy the outdoors without endangering them or other wildlife!

6. A Covered or Self-Cleaning Litterbox, for the Hygiene Lover

Litterboxes come in many different varieties, but covered litterboxes have become popular. 

They’re a little more aesthetically pleasing, and keep the smell to a minimum.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can even invest in an electronic, self-cleaning litterbox. 

7. An Adjustable Collar, to Keep Them Looking Dapper

If you’re going to buy a collar for your cat, make sure it’s adjustable! You don’t want it to become too tight or too loose.

For reference, the ideal is being able to get two fingers between the cat’s neck and the collar, but no more. A safety snap is also advisable.

As long as you’re safe about it, there’s no reason they shouldn’t have a collar that makes them look great. You could even get one with a bowtie on it!

8. An Interactive Treat Dispenser, to Keep Them Entertained for Hours

Some cat toys will automatically dispense treats when played with for long enough.

If you have a food-motivated furbaby, this could keep them entertained for hours.

Which is also a present for you, since the cat will keep themselves occupied and not get into mischief!

9. An Empty Cardboard Box… Yes, Seriously

It might seem mean, to get them a birthday gift that doesn’t cost you a penny… but experienced cat owners can vouch for the fact that cats absolutely love empty boxes.

There are many theories as to why cats love boxes so much, and there’s no definitive answer. Some scientists theorize that it makes them feel safe, others say that cats are just naturally anti-social and the box provides a hideaway.

Regardless of the reason, if you buy them an expensive gift, you might just find they prefer the box.

10. A Hand-Painted Portrait, a Gift for You Both

A hand-painted portrait of your pet can be a lovely gift.

The cat probably won’t get much out of it, but you can frame it and immortalize your pet.

Many artists online are happy to do custom commissions of cats in many different styles, and this will make for a seriously cute cat birthday.

11. When All Else Fails, Get Some of Their Favorite Treats 

If you have an extremely fussy cat and you doubt they’ll like anything you spend your money on, get them some of their favorite treats and make a big deal of them that day.

The truth is, cats are notoriously fussy — but at least you can’t go wrong with this one.

Sometimes the safest option is the best for the birthday cat, and that’s valid!

Know Your Cat, and Make the Day Special!

Ultimately, you know your cat best.

Are they food-motivated? Get them the interactive treat dispenser, or just some of their favorite treats.

Are they adventurous? The cat tree is a good call, or even the harness if you’re both feeling brave.

Dogs have a reputation for being loving, but don’t be fooled into thinking that your cat doesn’t appreciate all you do for them! These birthday presents for cats are great ideas, and your cat will love them.

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