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This is the page where we invite you to submit your cats pictures and stories of your own cats. The interesting thing we found is that if you include your cats name and breed in the title of the submission that other people with similar cats have a good chance of finding your story in Google’s search engine index.

Also check out Google plus #caturday community billboard for popular pic’s. When posting here you can try using the title to include a problem that you’re having with your feline friend.

For example, if you are having troubles with a Siamese cat, and how vocal they are the title would be “Loud Siamese Cats”. Or you can submit a story about the situation. Then when another, Siamese cat owner is having the same problem they may do a web search and come across your story.

Now you can communicate back and forth and help each other out. This is what a Web 2.0 cat community is all about. Like-minded, cat lovers gathering to share information. Below you will find the easy to use submission form that requires no registration and is actually fun to use.

Sample Cat Pictures and Stories

If you do not happen to have a picture of your cat on your computer you may want to go to Flickr-cats image sharing or photo bucket and find a picture that is similar to your cat. Download it to your computer first and then post it along with your story.

You can also view our previously submitted cat stories and pictures below. This will give you an idea of just how easy it is to get the family cat seen all over the Internet by pet lovers from around the world.

Remember when posting Pictures to Include their names and breed in the caption that will display directly underneath the photo.

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Post a Story and Picture about your cats. Include your cats name and breed in the title so others can find it! Click the “?” mark for more tips.