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On this page, we will discuss weird cat behavior.You can also join in and add your own story and pictures of your cats odd behavior.

A simple form below makes it fun and easy to submit your own story and pictures. our visitors have gone on the record as saying they love pictures of cats.

Or comment on a posted story by scrolling down and looking through the available titles. Cats can do some really weird and wild stuff and you may find that some of these funny cat behaviors may become a regular habit. One thing for sure is the feline is very routine based animal.

Once they latch onto an activity they enjoy they will practice it often if not daily.

When discussing some of weird cat behavior that our cats exhibit with other cat owners we have found that their cats may do the same thing.

So not only will we post articles about our own cats weird behavior, but we are requesting that you also share your cats unusual behavior with our website visitors.

You can type your original hand written story into the box below. It holds over 1,100 words. A good title will help Google find your story. They love these mini pages especially if they provide good information and are more then 300 words long.

Example: If you go to the big G’s search engine and Type in ” cat dragging stuff “. A visitor submitted this story and is number 1 out of 19 million pages at the time we wrote this page.

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