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my cat does this too by: LadyFuzzy It looks like this is very rare behavior because I’ve look all over the internet for answers and found only 2 links that talk about this issue. My cat used to do this at our old place. It was a 1 bedroom fully carpeted, except kitchen and bath.Then we moved, he didn’t do this at first, but after a year here now hes doing it again to only ONE DOORWAY (living room to office) and not to the only other room (living room to bedroom). Its wood floors in living room and carpet in the bedroom/office. I thought maybe it was the change in floor texture, but that doesn’t explain him doing this at my old place when it was ALL CARPET.Both homes have spiritual/paranormal activity… I’m highly sensitive and do work in this field. Ive recorded another cat meowing, purring in my home. I’m starting to think it has nothing to do with behavioral issues. Just a thought maybe, maybe not? Namaste~

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