Old Recalled Cat Food List

My Super Happy Cat

Recalled cat food was real big in the news a couple of years ago and for good reason.

There is nothing worse than feeding your beloved pet tainted food.

Especially when the brand that you have been using for years turns out to be one that was included in the cat food recall list.

If you have a few cats or want to know how to keep them happy like the cat pictured to the right, learning about current pet food recalls is a great way to keep your furry friend healthy.

If you have a dog or a cat for a pet in my opinion you should be concerned about pet food recalls of the past and present. For instance Best Choice, a fairly popular brand, that manufacturers tuna and chicken for cats recently had a recall.

In the next section down we’ll explain how I located this kind of information in real time. It’s so important to make sure what your feeding your cat is safe. Just because the word Best is in the name does not mean that it’s actually good for your pets.

You also want to investigate the ingredients to make sure there is not too many fillers or preservatives that will be harmful to the feline digestive system.

Below I will provide a cat food recall list from a recall that is a few years old. All of the company’s say they have fixed the problems and they are now safe.

We all love our pets and we want to make sure that we are not feeding them poison. It was proven that recalled cat food has caused the deaths of more than 4000 animals. This tainted food is also responsible for the severe illness of an undisclosed amount of cats.

Cat Food Recall Information

Even though the recall is over I will never use the cat food on the recall list now or in the future, due to the gross negligence of these cat food-manufacturing companies.

As far as the availability of the latest and most recent information I go directly to the American Veterinary Medical Association pet food safety and recalls alert page.  There is a ton of information there and it can be hard to manage.

I recommend sorting the list from the top row by Species. This makes it easier to search the results. It’s up to you how you use the info provided. It would seem that preparing meals for your cat would be a safe way to feed your pet.

More information on home cooking for cats can be found on my page about free cat food recipes. Recalled cat food is a very serious matter to me and my family. Please review the list below and take the appropriate action that you feel is necessary. Note: The list is for the old recall (not active now) and in alphabetical order for your convenience.

Old Cat Food Recall List

There are a lot of companies on this list and again how you use this information is up to you. For me these companies showed irresponsibility by letting pet owners down. If I decide to do business with these companies again I will have to watch them like a hawk.

Dry Cat Food

1. Blue Buffalo Spa Select Kitten 2. Drs. Fosters and Smith 3. Evolve Kitten Food 4. Health Diet 5. Hills Prescription Diet m/d 6. Kasco 7. Lick Your Chops 8. Natural Balance – Venison Flavor 9. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet

Cat Treats

1. Pounce Meaty Morsels

Wet cat Food

1. Americas Choice, Preferred Pets 2. Authority (Pet Smart brand) 3. Best Choice 4. Blue Buffalo 5. Cat’s Choice 6. Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul 7. Companion (Stop & Shop, Giant Food Stores) 8. Compliments 9. Co-Op Gold 10. Demoulas Market Basket 11. Despar 12. Eukanuba 13. Fame 14. Feline Classic 15. Feline Cuisine

16. Fine Feline Cat 17. Food Lion 18. Foodtown Store Brand 19. Giant Companion 20. Giant Eagle 21. Hannaford 22. Harmony Farms 23. Hill Country Fare 24. Hy-Vee 25. Iams 26. J.E. Mondou 27. La Griffe 28. Laura Lynn 29. Li’l Red 30. Loving Meals 31. Masters Choice 32. Max Cat 33. Medi-Cal 34. Meijer’s Main Choice 35. Natural Balance 36. Natural Ultramix (Castor and Pollux) 37. Nutriplan 38. Nutro Max Gourmet Classics 39. Nutro Natural Choice 40. Paws 41. Pet Pride (Kroger brand) 42. Performatrin Ultra 43. Presidents Choice 44. Price Chopper 45. Priority US (Safeway brand) 46. Publix Store Brand 47. Roche Brothers 48. Roundy’s 49. Royal Canin Medi-Cal Feline Dissolution Formula 50. Save-A-Lot Special Blend

51. Schnucks 52. Science Diet Feline Savory Cuts Cans 53. Sophistacat (PetSmart brand) 54. Special Kitty Canada 55. Special Kitty US (Wal-Mart brand) 56. Springfield Prize 57. Sprout 58. Stop & Shop Companion 59. Stuzzy Gold 60. Tops Companion 61. Triumph 62. Wegmans 63. Weis Total Pet 64. Western Family Canada 65. Western Family US 66. White Rose 67. Winn Dixie Brand 68. Your Pet

Thinking about What We Feed Our Cats

If you want to know more about what nutrients your pets are missing talk to your veterinarian about the special needs of your specific pet.

Learn more about your cats digestive system and try testing foods that are not on the recalled cat food list. Buy this test food in small quantities to make sure you and your pet can both live with the choice. Then you can stock up and save by purchasing in bulk.

Many catt owners try to feed their pets natural or organic foods that are fit for human consumption. But this may not be the best diet for your pet, so be sure to talk to your vet about getting regular checkups for your dog, cat, gerbil, or ferret.

More information from us about the pet food industry as related to recalled cat food is available here on our page about pet food companies.Since we are on the topic of recalled cat food here is some information on genetically modified pet foods and healthy organic pet foods.

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