Pet Food Industry Thoughts

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We put together a few questions and answers about the pet food industry. Are you trying to figure out the best way to feed a pet natural foods that are affordable?

Do you wonder if you can trust the labels on the food you buy for the pets in the family? If the answer is yes then you should want to know more about the industry as a whole.

This way you can understand what it takes to create food for different types of animals and what you will need to do in order to keep the pets around your house healthy and happy.

First, you should be aware of any recent recalls. Does this mean calling the companies you usually purchase food from and asking questions about the safety of their products?

You can give it a try but I prefer 3rd party solutions. You can also visit sites like pet food and look for warnings on the brands you use. The site really is a comprehensive tool focused on food for animals.

Some things are changing while things that work are staying the same. The pet food industry is also working to make sure that food for all types of pets has a more gourmet feel to it.

Brands that were previously very popular like Alpo by Purina are still being purchased. But the premium brands of Purina are appealing to pet owners who are affluent and health-conscious.

So they want their pet’s food to reflect this as well. Other brands such as Newman’s Own are taking a natural approach to food for pets. They are said to include only natural ingredients in products.

Store brands that you see in grocery stores like Publix and super fresh are also making their packaging and ingredients more upscale in order to attract new customers.

Pet Food Ingredients

Finding out which ingredients are in your food is very important. Especially with the rise of things like food poisoning and contamination from food preservatives.

So with your pet’s health at steak please check out the pet food ingredients in the food you’re buying. This will help you to not only keep your pets healthy but can also help you figure out where certain issues are coming from may be coming from.

If you’re trying to watch your pet’s weight you should choose low fat varieties of pet food which you can find in your local grocery store in the same section as regular food.

Brands like Purina and Health Wise have made an effort to provide a wide selection of foods for cats, dogs, puppies and kittens that is low in fat and cholesterol. They do this because it sells well.

This means your pet will have energy and strength and won’t have to suffer with debilitating conditions caused by a poor high fat diet in their golden years. One of the ingredients that you might want to try and avoid or serve in limited quantities as a treat is foods heavy in gluten.

This can be in foods for pets that contain grains like wheat or oats. I also try to limit preservatives and chemicals such as food coloring. It couldn’t hurt to ask your vet what else they think you should be avoiding.

I also check the labels for ingredients that have benzine or sulfate in the names of substances in the food. These ingredients might be harmful to humans and pets.

You can find plenty of research stating that animals need to follow an all-natural diet as much as possible.You don’t have to go nuts with this but instead try to improve things going forward.

Some closing thoughts on this subject. Try taking your pet to the Vet to be tested for food allergies. This way you will know which foods are best for them to eat.

Also monitor your cat or dog’s eating habits to make sure they are not eating foods from other sources like plants, lizards, bugs or scraps from the garbage. If you don’t see the foods you want for your pet at the local health food or grocery store try online resources like only natural.

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