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Cat Copies the Statue’s Pose

Our online cat community is growing thanks to you. My favorite part about this website, is that visitors have been very interactive with it.

This appears to be the way the Internet is headed. Some people call this Web 3.0 and what they mean by this term is that people not only read the content on the website, but contribute their own.

Some of these websites have made it difficult to do so by requiring registration and submission of e-mail, and a few other hoops for the user to jump through.

As a true cat lover I want nothing more than to see my visitor’s cats and read about their feline friends. We want our cat website to be informative and educational.

But more importantly entertaining and enjoyable for all the visitors that take the time to stop and visit. Below you will see two links that will allow you to contribute to this website and interact with the other visitors and cat lovers.

Submit Stories About Cats

On this page, you can write and submit your own articles on any cat related subject. We already have a few articles that were written and posted by some of our most frequent visitors.

This is a page where you can interact and comment on posted stories to give your own opinion.

I have also included a Google cat news feed that supplies the latest information about breaking news in the cat world. You can read the news story and post your own views about it quickly and easily.

Then others can put in their two cents creating a forum type atmosphere where everyone can voice their opinion! This next link takes you to cat stories and feline News headlines.

Submit Feline Pictures and Stories

This next link will take you to a page where you can see pictures of cats from around the world.

And also view the stories about these felines. You will also have the opportunity to submit your own pictures and stories about your favorite pet without any registration or submission of e-mail addresses.

We just want to see your cats and hear your story about your favorite animal. You will not have to submit anything other than your story. Please visit the next page for an example of our online cat community and you can submit your cats pictures.

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