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This is our online cat behavior page. You can scroll down to the bottom to find individual articles of specific behavior problems discussed in detail. An overview of how to understand your cat is to follow.

Solving a cats behavior problem is no easy task, but it is worth the effort because once these problems are solved the feline tends to remember and retain a learned lesson very well.

Common Cat Body Language

The first thing to learn about a pets behavior problems is to understand your cat’s language.

Just like with human languages a cat may speak with a heavy accent. This is just a fun guideline. Of course your cat cannot speak, but they do have an extensive body language portfolio.

When you hear your cat cry, scream or meow they are most likely calling your attention so that you can watch their body movements and understand what they are telling you.

So basically we can say when the cat starts to cry or meow they are saying hey, look at me, I’m trying to tell you something important.

Now the timing may be bad on this cat conversation. But chances are if you take a minute and stopped to pay attention or even pet or stroke the feline they will feel satisfied that you have at least listened to what they had to say.

Ear and Tail Body Language

One of the most telling cats body language indicators or communication methods is the position of the tale.

A straight up vertical tail stretched sky words indicates that your cat has an open mind and is ready for conversation.

That same vertical position of the tail accompanied with the shaking of the tale means that your cat is excited about something. Usually this vertically shaking tale indicates a positive excitement.

If the tail is in the down position and straight back along with a side to side swishing motion this shows the cats behavior has turned to agitated. When the tail blows up by the raising of the hair this indicates that you just pushed the felines full anger button and he is prepared to fight.

Riley and Her Mom

The ear position is a good indication of mood. Ears pinned back would be aggressive cat behavior. Ears up and in a neutral position would be an opened frame of mind.

Forward pointing ears would indicate concentration or investigation of something interesting! This is Riley laying with Momma. When you look at her face you can always tell what she’s thinking because she communicates well with humans.

All of her cat behavior problems have been solved. We are once again a happy family unit. The first article below has a video featuring Riley. Her movie shows how to tell when a cat is happy because Riley is really good at communicating this emotion.

Fixing Cat Behavior Problems at Home

Solving behavior problems begins with understanding your own cats body language. This will take some time to translate, the cats non-speaking form of language into your own language.

For example, my two cats love fresh water. If the water sits in the bowl for more than a couple of hours they will request that the bowl be refilled immediately. First I will hear a small cry that draws my attention to their body language.

Then a few steps towards me, and back towards the water bowl and then a look back at me is a clear message that it’s time to refill the bowl. Recently we purchased a cat fountain that prolongs the amount of time between water changes. Good investment plus instant entertainment for kitty.

One thing that applies to solving cat behavior problems is that cats are very short on patience. You can compensate for this with your over abundance of patience when solving cat behavior issues.

We hope that you find the online cat behavior articles below, entertaining and useful. But remember, if you have a serious cat problem and you don’t seem to be getting anywhere with love, kindness and a touch of bribery. It may be time to contact an expert?

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