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Having Multiple Cat Behavior Problems

A left hook followed by 3 jabs

I’m just guessing, but from what I can see multiple cat behavior problems are very common. when a new cat or kitten is introduced into an established environment there can be some push back from those involved.

Be sure to watch the two short videos on this page that demonstrate how our cats interact with each-other. Our single cat home was turned upside down when we brought home our new kitten Thomas.

Riley was four years old at the time and she had become very accustomed to being the only cat in our house and wan’t willing to welcome a new member to our family.

We weren’t looking to open up a can of worms or start new behavior problems. Regardless our happy home was turned upside down. The adoption was a last moment rescue mission that saved a life. Riley didn’t agree, but we meant well.

Thomas was the runt of the litter and the last kitten remaining and had some health problems. We feared for his life and decided a rescue mission was necessary.

Before we brought Thomas home we took him straight to the vet, where he was treated for ear mites and checked for contagious diseases. Thomas was already shaken up from his vet visit when we brought him home for the first time.

Riley immediately showed aggressive behavior with a lot of hissing and howling. We made Thomas comfortable in his own room and shut the door and also provided him with litter, food and water to call his own. As far as we have come feeding time still remains an occasional issue with our cats.

Researching Feline Behavior Problems

The Standoff

After doing some research on multi-cat behavior problems. We deployed a very popular method of introducing a new cat to a home with established pets already living there.

We learned this from the online No More Bad Cats e-book and it went like this; We set up a room just for Thomas. We kept the door closed, and let the cats sniff each other through the closed door.

Every other day, we would switch positions and put Riley in Tommi’s room to give Thomas an opportunity to roam around the house while Riley was confined to his room.

This also allowed Riley to sniff and get used to her new brothers sent. This also allowed Thomas to get used to his new environment without the pressures of Riley, staring him down or showing very aggressive behavior.

We continue this inconvenient procedure religiously for about eight days without the two cats actually making direct contact.

When we open the doors after the eight days. The two cats had already sniffed each other scents extensively and got the idea that they both had to live together.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing but gradually, they became used to each other. We kept their food, water and cat litter, separate for a couple of months. This seemed to have a positive effect on the behavior of both cats.

Cat Throws a Punch

Now the two felines get along very well and at times even enjoy each others company. I say this while I knock on wood. Cats can be very adaptable to their environment.

Every once in a blue moon, there maybe a new breakout of multiple cat behavior problems between the two. But now we know how to handle it and snap into action quickly.

We always provide both cats with love, support and attention in an equal amount. This helps with the minor regressions back to the way it used to be.

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