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My Cat Riley Loves Catnip

People ask is catnip safe for our feline friends. There’s been a great debate over the safety of catnip for cats in general. Many people fear the plant is a drug and is only getting their feline high in a non medicinal way.

Others swear that it has a calming effect on their pet. Is Catnip Okay for cats? My personal veterinarian has no problem with it, but lets explore a few details about this mysterious naturally occurring herbal plant. I believe that understanding what it is might help you make an educated decision on whether to use it.

The plant is actually from the same family of plants as mint. It does not have a real strong odor and us humans can have a hard time detecting any aroma. My cat on the other hand seems to pick up it’s sent easily. This stuff is easy to grow and it is drought tolerant and hardy as green leafy plants go.

When purchasing for cats the herb can be found in the form of dried leaves, sewn into cat toys or in a live plant form. There is a certain chemical in Catnip oil that when released has a harmless physiological reaction on cats.

The effect can vary from cat to cat. Some felines become calm and docile. Other cats will roll around and rub on the stuff. Still other cats will completely “flip out” running around the house at top speed. My Cats like the cosmic catnip. It seems like it is fresher than other types we have gotten before.

Some cats do not even act as if they notice the stuff at all. The effect the plant has on your cat can even vary from year to year. In addition kittens generally do not notice Catnip and the plant may not have much of an effect on elderly cats either.

Although there is no surefire way of knowing if cats suffer from the same types of hangovers from using the herb as humans may experience after enjoying alcohol. My vet says studies have shown that Catnip is totally safe. It does not seem that cats suffer any lasting ill effects from the plant and once they are done playing they go back to their normal personality and mood. If you are concerned then simply limit the amount of time your pet spends with the plant.

Is Catnip safe for humans? The plant has been used as a supplement for its tension relieving qualities and some people even include it in salads.

If you’ve decided to allow your cat to enjoy this special playtime treat then you have plenty of options from which to choose.

Many toys are treated with the cat nip oil before purchase, and other toys include a special refillable pouch so that you can add more when needed. You can purchase Our Pets Catnip spray that you can use to treat toys, scratching posts or carpeted kitty condo without the mess. This can also be a helpful way of getting your cat to actually use a scratching post.

Growing Catnip and Cat Grass

Finally, you can even grow Catnip and cat grass. Many pet stores sell small containers where you can grow the herb in a controlled environment. You can even leave the plant out for your cat to have easy access.

You can also grow the plant in your herb garden and dry the leaves for your pet. Choosing whether or not to let your cat have access to herbs is your decision. If you do not want them to play with the stuff, then make sure to check toys before you purchase them.

My Vet told me that this activity is safe for my pets. Try not to worry about it if you choose to let them enjoy it as a treat or a needed change of pace. Give this catnip page a bookmark or share with friends.

Do you want a second opinion about the catnip for cats subject? When it comes to our pets we all want them to be happy and healthy. You can never have to much input when it comes time to give them something they’ve never been exposed to before. So try running a few questions past the experts hanging out on the pet forum.

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