Real Information On Cat Fleas

Riley After Flea Combing

Cats can become host to a wide range of parasites which live on their skin and deep in their coats.

We created this Information on cat fleas page to help you better understand the problem. Cats allowed outside will have more exposure to these unwanted parasites.

But keep in mind that even indoor cats can pick up fleas. The cat flea is the most common parasite and almost every cat will have them at some time in life.

Flee powders and flea collars may not be 100% effective. One of the biggest problems we run into when trying to eradicate this pest is it’s ability to survive and multiply.

The cat flea is about the size of a pinhead, and is dark brown in color. The flea bites the cat for nourishment from the felines blood.

The cat will most likely scratch this bite due to an allergic reaction from the pests saliva.

Here is some more must have information on cat fleas. If the infested cats coat is combed live fleas may or may not be seen.

Dead fleas and specs of the fleas waste can be seen in the cat’s coat much easier. If you discover a flea outbreak, treatment of the pet is relatively simple.

Flee powders or baths, aerosol and liquid sprays, and even collars are available from the local pet shops. But the most effective out of these choices would be a flea liquid spray followed up with an oral treatment.

This provides instant relief and ongoing protection from skin parasites.

Note that a pump applicator will be less scary then a hissing aerosol can. It is a common belief that the fleas will travel up to the cat’s eyes for their needed water.

In severe cases you can observe the fleas on the cat’s head and face. If using the flea control liquid spray, The animals neck should be covered well. The fleas will travel up and down the neck on a regular basis and will be forced to go through the treated area.

Killing Parasites From the Inside

Cat Flea Fighting Kit

There’s a recent wave of cat flea treatments that include the ingestion of medicines that will halt the spreading of the fleas. These treatments work by distributing themselves into the cat’s bloodstream. When the pest takes in this blood.

It either kills them or stops their ability to reproduce preventing escalation of the activity. The instructions on the flea medicine must be followed very strictly.

The name brand kits provide Information on how to clean your house to prevent re-infection. Be sure to clean all your furnishings in your house while you are treating your cat for the flea infestation.

The furniture in your home can be sprayed with a special household flea treatment and your carpet or floors can be sprinkled with a flea killing powder. Remember that the eggs can be anywhere the cat goes or has access too.

Not to be gross, but the flea eggs and larvae will be lurking in the carpets, cat bedding and maybe on the surface of your furniture. You want to make sure to follow the instructions on these bug killing tools right down to the letter.

It may be very tempting to attack the flea problem head on and go way overboard. This is not a case where a little is good and a lot is better.

You must be careful that you follow the dosage and instructions on the flea killing tools closely. You do not want to give your feline friend an overdose of these medications and cleaners.

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