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Here is a common question about female cat behavior from a site visitor: Hello I am a new female kittens best friend and loving human mother. I am trying to figure out what she is trying to say with one of her most unusual female cat behaviors.

We (my husband and I) love to pick her up, pet her and pay attention to her several times a day. She rarely initiates this type of contact but comes around frequently and stares at us.

It’s almost like she is daring us to pet her and or pick her up? She seems to be interested in seeing what we are doing. As an example she will scratch at or push open any doors that are blocking her view of us.

On occasion she will even fall or drop down by laying on her side right in front of us and look up at us. So we then pick her up. Not all the time but often when we put our new kitten down she will then start quickly jerking her tail.

It is almost like she is saying you make my skin crawl! But then she will walk away only to return for more attention. Why does she jerk that tail in such a strange way? Is this not odd female cat behavior. Although this is our first kitten I have friends and relatives with female cats and I have never seen this kind of behavior from their pets.

Answer to This Female Behavior Question

Hi Gail: We loved your e-mail. Thanks for taking the time to provide all the good information. Me and my wife believe that over-all the behavior of female cats is more independent and less cuddly then male cats.

In essence the girl cat will want your love and attention, but would prefer to remain on the ground while receiving it. Male cats are much easier to pick up and cuddle when they’re just kittens.

This is only our educated opinion based on many years of kitten raising experience. Of course with cats there are always exceptions to the rule just as with people. Your new kitten seeking you out and dropping on her side is a very positive cat behavior and body language.

This is a sure sign that she loves you and enjoys your company. Your female kitten would most likely enjoy and like you to pet and fuss over her without picking her up. The tail shaking or jerking (we call it squirrel tail) is a sign of excitement. This could be positive or negative its hard to tell some times.

You can study the body language before and after the tail shaking to obtain its meaning. Keep up the good work with your new female kitten. Thank you for writing us and helping our mom and pop cat behavior website grow with a bookmark or share with other cat owners.

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