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Ear mites in cats is a very common ailment and very difficult to eradicate. When we got our kitten Thomas he had a bad case of ear mites. By the way Thomas is the black-and-white cat that appears on our website. We got him at about eight weeks of age and yes ear mites in kittens is also common.

He was the runt of the litter and was one of the last kittens sold. His owner kept all the cats outside in a very dirty sand lot. This is where they picked up the ear mites and flees. We could see that his ears were black with ear mite waist and that he had a real problem with his ears.

We took him straight to the vet where he was examined. The vet cleaned his ears with Q-tips and showed us the mites under a microscope and it was horrible. The vet stated that he had never seen such a bad case of ear mites.

The Veterinarian gave Thomas a treatment of a liquid that would kill the mites. He then gave us a prescription to take home and administer regularly. This wasn’t a good start to our relationship with our new kitten, but it was in his best interest.

We kept after the problem until the ear-mites were eradicated. Some background information on this problem. These type of mites are particularly troublesome and a common parasite. They’re microscopic and live in the ears and ear canal.

Many cats play hosts to this microscopic ear parasite without any ill effects. What happens is they will increase in number to the point where they will cause inflammation and irritation of the ears.

It is a good idea to examine your cat’s ears on a regular basis. If you find very dark brown earwax collecting on the shell of the ear this is most likely caused by ear mites.

This dark brown wax is unfortunately the excrement of the microscopic pest. Another sign of infection is if the cat is persistently scratching at its ears or shaking its head from side to side. This common ear bug condition is definitely treatable at home with ear drops.

Treating Ear Mites in Cats

Depending on the degree of infestation or the severity of the problem will determine the length of treatment that is needed. The standard treatment is to administer ear drops twice a day.

Some cats will hate this treatment. You may have to get tough with your cat and forcibly hold them down while you administer these drops. It’s never fun to do something to your cat that he doesn’t like.

However, sometimes you have no choice. If you don’t follow the twice-daily application of the ear drops for the prescribed period of time, the ear mites will recover and continue to populate the ear and ear canal.

Therefore, you must try to be tough and vigilant. Follow the schedule religiously for the full length of time it was recommended by the Vet or the bugs might hang on and make a comeback.

Our boy Thomas is now rid of his ear mites. He no longer paws at his ears or shakes his head and is much happier. Yes he hated every treatment of the medicine drops but treating ear mites in cats is definitely a tough love situation.

Thank goodness checking for ear mites in Thomas has gone from once a week to once a month. This is an exam we can perform at home. He’s become very accustom to the procedure and now even enjoys the extra attention, but he won’t admit it.

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