Why Your Cats are Not Getting Along

We all know that cats not getting along can disrupt the whole family. I speak from experience on this subject. In fact, I have two videos of my cats interacting with each-other on my multiple cat behavior problems page. Interacting is a nice way of saying, it’s punch time at lunchtime.

If you’ve had the cats for years or you have just introduced the two you may be faced with two animals who just don’t like each other. Just like in people, personalities can clash. There are many reasons why two cats may not get along, and there are also some underlying factors to consider before trying to resolve the problem. We hope this short article sheds a new light on the subject for you.

The first thing you will need to consider is what caused or started the aggression in the first place. If the cats not getting along have always been friends in the past, but suddenly growl, hiss, spit and even fight, there could be a serious underlying cause.

Maybe there is a territorial dispute as in one cat has claimed the new cat toy to be their sole possession and does not want to share. Cats can also be very sensitive of each other. Often, if one cat falls ill then the other cat may severely change his behavior.

If your two cats are fighting for no apparent reason, and you have cause to suspect, for any reason, that there is a health problem, take the cat to a veterinarian’s office as soon as possible.

Why do My Cats Fight so Much

Cats don’t express illness in the same way we do, so there could be something seriously wrong with your cat of which you were unaware. It is also possible that the other kitty is aware of the problem.

If the two felines are healthy, yet they seem to have suddenly started hating each other try to think if anything has changed. There is usually a hidden answer so do some soul searching coupled with intense investigation. Disruptions in their regular daily habits can lead to aggression. For example, if one cat has had to visit the vet for any reason the new smells that come home with him may confuse and disorient the other cat.

Also visitors to the home, loud noises, or changes in environment can have the same effect. When you are faced with two cats not getting along you will need to take action to help remedy the problem.

Remember that if the cats are fighting, try to disrupt the action as soon as possible. Consider purchasing a water bottle. A quick spritz of water is almost guaranteed to quell any cat-fight. Make sure that each cat has a place to which it can escape. Provide locations where they can go when problems occur. Feed the pets separate from each other so they don’t fight over food.

Do not step in-between two fighting cats or try to manually break them up on your own. An angry cat may turn this built up rage toward you and physical harm from cat scratches and bites could be the result. Instead try too find a good way to startle them by clapping your hands or using the water bottle method mentioned above. In a pinch I use the shaking of the cat treat bag to focus the attention on me.

Two Cats not Getting Along Still

If you have taken all of these actions and the cats not getting along with each other continue to fight, consider separating them for a while. Make sure to continue to introduce the others smells to each cat by swapping toys and bedding if both cats are healthy.

A site visitor has also recommended the feliway cat pheromone that is available from Amazon. The product is for urine marking but some state it has positive effects on many cat behavior problems. After a while reintroduce the two cats in a supervised environment. Try to always positively reinforce their good cat behavior.

If all else fails and the cats are still fighting, or maybe you’re at whit’s end do not be afraid to talk to your veterinarian. A professional may be able to give you advice or even recommend a behavior specialist. Remember that not all cats will love each other, but the key is to find a way where everyone in the home can tolerate everyone else. Dig in and find out why your cats are fighting and bring peace to your residence.

Would you like to see what cat toy is responsible for my two cats getting along again. I have a video of Riley playing with the thing and include why she thinks it is the best cat toy. Bookmark this cat behavior page or share with a friend that likes cats.

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