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How to Handle Cat Urine Spraying

Cat that Sprays

Cat urine spraying on prominent surfaces is an important means of communication for all members of the cat family.

The spraying of urine is not a function of relieving a full bladder. Instead it is a specific means of communication in much the same way that male dogs will cock their leg and mark a fire hydrant.

This is how they deposit scent and mark territory. Felines can spray urine droplets whether they have a full bladder or not. Cat urine spraying is the function of depositing urine smell in small short jets from a standing position.

If the cat in question were relieving the bladder, they would take a squatting position. This spraying of cat urine is practiced by both sexes of cats and even by neutered animals in some cases.

Spraying occurs against vertical surfaces like trees, fence posts, trash cans and unfortunately for some cat owners areas around the house.

There is no doubt that cats spraying in the home is a major source of distress for many cat owners. It can sometimes be difficult to solve this cat urine issue.

No one wants to live in a house where there is an overpowering smell of cat odor. Feline urine is very strong smelling, because it contains less water and therefore can be considered highly concentrated.

Unfortunately, it’s more intense smelling then a dogs for sure. In most cases when the cat is spayed or neutered this marking cat behavior is stopped right at that point. In fact, fixing your cat is the first step that should be taken when dealing with this issue.

Stop Cat Urine Spraying

Spraying in neutered males and females is often considered a behavioral problem that can be associated with anxiety.

These cats may have psychological problems, of which urine spraying is a manifestation. These cats are likely to spray repeatedly in the house as well as pass urine in the litter box.

This can be confusing and frustrating for owners who do not understand the underlying reasons for this bad cat behavior. For example, some owners even believe the cats spraying is a deliberate action showing resentment towards the owner.

When actually the cats are performing this action to gain reassurance for underlying anxiety issues. In other words, it makes them feel more confident in their surroundings when their scent is deposited in the area.

Changing Behavior Stops the Spray

Once it is understood that the trigger for this negative action is anxiety then efforts can be made to locate the cause of the anxiety and take action to reduce it.

The cause can vary greatly between cats and in difficult cases input from pet behavior specialist is strongly recommended. Just like there are strange obsessive people with borderline mental problems the same thing exists in the feline animal kingdom.

Even though there might not be any visible stress in the cats life doesn’t mean that they don’t see one in their own mind. Sometimes a fresh opinion from someone outside of your home can be more objective and extremely helpful.

Some times its hard to see the forest when your standing among the trees. Give this cat spraying page a bookmark or share with a friend having this problem.

Common Causes for Cat Spraying

Some common causes for unwanted cat urine spraying may include a new cat, pet or person in the household. Also a new cat in the neighborhood can cause cat spraying behavior.

Another common cause is house alterations resulting in new scents in the house. Cats that have the tendency to perform this territorial marking may need to be confined to a small area until the problem is solved.

As a special note any form of punishment is not recommended for this problem. It will likely make the situation worse by adding to the cats insecurity and anxiety.

Also note that site visitors have found the feliway product, available at any pet store or Amazon, helpful for this condition. Most experts agree when you discover a hot spot it’s vital that any cat urine marked areas be cleaned properly and quickly.

Felines by instinct freshen up marked areas when the smell starts to fade, so the cat will be prompted to return and remark the area.

When cat urine spraying is occurring only within the home, you can simplify the cats environment and remove access to those sprayed areas completely.

Cats don’t like closed doors, but they will adjust and move on in a short time span. The chemical pheromones present in cat urine means that only certain cleaning methods are reliable. For more on this subject visit my cat urine removal page. Share this page about cat behavior issues with a friend having problems with their feline friend.

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