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14-year-old cat by: dina Cats generally won’t pee or poop in all the wrong places unless something is wrong. As their humans, we have to play detective and figure out what’s upsetting them. The first thing to do is always have the cat checked by a vet for bladder or kidney infection or any other illness. At 14, he is an older cat and very well may have a health issue. Next, try to determine whether anything changed in his life, routine, environment, etc. around the time he started this behavior. Cats HATE change, even the tiniest change can upset them and throw them off their routine. Any new people? New litter? New location of the litter box? Purchase a synthetic pheromone diffuser, Feliway, and plug it in wherever your cat mostly likes to hang out. You won’t smell anything, but the scent will reassure your cat that everything is okay. Feliway comes in a spray and a plug-in device the plug-in is constant and more effective. It’s typically used for litter box problems and also in helping cats get along. Cats may avoid their litter box if something happened while they were in the litter box one day, a loud noise, something that scared them, or (b) it was painful when they peed or pooped in the box shortly before this new behavior began. The cat basically blames the litter box for the scare or for the pain and then avoid using the litter box. Check online using keywords like ‘litter box problems’ or even ‘cat peeing and pooping in tub.’ There are dozens of sites devoted to these things and lots of ideas and suggestions. Keep in mind that he could have chosen your bed! Now doesn’t that make you feel better about his tub choice? Good luck.

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