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Cat insurance can help assure proper cat health care. It also guards against spikes in family expenses. But is it worth it for the average pet owner?

Even though most days your cat will ignore your attempts to get her to come when called, for the majority of cat lovers, life would be less full and meaningful without their feline companions.

Cat owners also find it distressing when their feline friend becomes ill and requires the attention of a veterinarian. When these instances arise, cat insurance coverage can provide both emotional and financial benefits to the cat owner.

If a cat becomes ill or is somehow injured, most cat owners will worry and stress over the cost of proper vet care. Because all health costs have been soaring in both the animal welfare segment as well as in the case of human health care there has been an increase in interest in pet health insurance.

Pet Healthy Insurance

Because felines are one of the most popular types of house pets, insurance for cat health and wellness care has become very much sought after.

For many cat owners, one of the best benefits that they receive from having a policy in place, is the fantastic feeling of peace of mind. This peace of mind comes, because they know that they will not have to stress and worry about being able to pay for the veterinary pet care, should the cat become injured or become ill.

If your cat is covered, then this means that the animal will receive treatment more quickly. This is mainly because the care giver can immediately take action by getting the animal to the veterinary clinic, when there is an indication of illness or in the event of injury.

Unfortunately, some owners without pet health insurance must delay veterinarian visits because of the financial aspect of the office call.

With insurance in place, you will not need to delay the visit and can relax knowing that the majority of the costs will be taken care of by the pet health care policy.

The ability to quickly get the animal in to see the vet can make the difference between a quick and full recovery, or possible long-term feline health problems and even death. Don’t stop here, ask someone in the animal care business what they think. Find out if the coverage is worthwhile from different a prospective. In the worst case scenario, when a pet owner does not have insurance to help with the high expenses of animal care, it could mean having the cat put down.

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This occurs when there is simply no way that the family can bear the cost of expensive veterinary pet treatment or surgery that might be needed to extend the life of the animal.

Choice and Coverage Options

There are many options and insurers in this space. Both can have a direct impact on the cost of the premium that you will have to pay. You can choose a policy that will cover wellness care and preventative health care procedures.

Most of these types of policies will cover vaccinations, routine health screenings and any required medications as well. The covered pet medication part can be important for long term care for things like feline diabetes where insulin is given daily.

In order to reduce the cost of the policy you might want to select a plan that will only pay in the instance of disease, sickness or some type of accident, as opposed to covering the wellness visits.

It is often helpful to discuss the coverage options with your veterinarian as he/she can offer insights about what might be the best coverage for your family pets based on their overall health and age.

I had a lot of questions about the levels of insurance coverage and how the plan operated. I called quick care and spoke to an agent and put together a pet insurance frequently asked questions page.The second page of answers to the most popular cat health insurance questions can be found here at the cat insurance FAQ page.