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Cat health questions answered. This is the homepage for common cat health problems.

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Thankfully, by nature cats are very robust and for most of their lives will experience good health.

Hopefully your cat will only have to visit the Vet for the recommended yearly checkups and examinations.

Indoor health related cat problems are rare, but can occur. Outdoor cat health problems are much more common due to their exposure to parasites diseases, other neighborhood pets and wild animals.

Questions About Cat Health Problems

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Nevertheless, even the most pampered domestic cat is vulnerable to attack from the common cold and some rare diseases.

When it comes to cat health problems, the old rule of an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure applies to your pet.

Just like people, interaction with others increases risk. One of the number one cat questions we get is what can I do to protect my kitty?

The first line of defense is the vaccination against some of the more common transmittable feline diseases. Some of these vaccinations that your cat will receive to guard against future health problems will be as follows.

The first major vaccination is to protect against infectious enteritis or known as FIE.

This is a very contagious respiratory ailment that used to be very common in the feline species. Another common vaccination would be for FELV, which stands for feline leukemia virus.

In most countries an other common vaccination would be for rabies, which is probably the best-known virus due to its high public profile and also because it can be transmitted to humans. Unlike FIE and FeLV which is not transferable to humans.

When to Vaccinate Your Cat

In most cases these vaccinations are administered, while the cat is still very young. Boosters of these shots are often recommended on a semi annual basis. Opinions vary on this issue and you hear some horror stories sometimes.

Nevertheless, we follow our trusted Veterinarians guidelines on this and have had no complications to report. However, ask your personal Vet lots of questions because we’re starting to see reports of feline health problems from over vaccination.

In the end this is a decision you’ll have to make for your pet. When your cat receives these vaccinations and boosters the veterinarian provides a certificate.

These certificates can become and should be very important. Lets say you decide to board your pet with an animal care center or kennel, while you are away on vacation or long trips.

These animal care facilities will require a certificate as proof that your cat has had these vaccinations. This will assure that cat health problems are not spread to other residents of the kennel. If the facility doesn’t ask for this documentation then do not board your pet there.

This is our cat health questions homepage. Below you’ll find in-depth articles about common feline health problems. We received the questions from visitors and then research the topics as best we can.

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Cat Health Problems Articles

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