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My neighbor says my cats eat better than his children. The free cat food recipes book has been temporarily removed while the site goes through some changes.

However, I’ve posted 3 of my pets favorite dishes under the video below. You can print the whole page or copy and paste the text into notepad if you want.

I ask you to please watch the video first, so we’re on the same page when it comes to cooking for cats. It’s good stuff so please share it. Need more recipes? There’s a paid version at the .

When all the news and information about the pet food recalls started surfacing a few years back we decided that home preparation of our pets meals was the right thing for our family.

Even though the recalls are over for now, you never know when they will return or some bad batches of pet food will be released. I don’t trust them anymore. We have been cooking for the cats for years and it’s been a huge success for us.

The cats love the food we cook and we love making them happy. Some of the meals are very simple and require no actual cooking. We have also tried making double sized batches by simply doubling the ingredients in the home made pet food recipes guide.

This gives us food for 4 days for two cats. Cat lovers pamper their feline friends.

They give them the best food the most fashionable collars and the best toys. So when cat food starts getting recalled what are we going to do?

Make healthy foods for your fur covered family member. You cook for yourself so why not your pet? Cat cookbooks teach people how to prepare tasty treats and quick meals.

Find Your Own Cat Food Recipes

This has worked out so well that I purchased the re-sale rights to the book and will eventually be providing it for free to site visitors. As soon as I figure out how to do it with out messing up the site.

Until then, the two I use most are at the bottom. You can also get a professionally written guide for pet food cooking at home on Amazon for around 15 bucks. Plus you can find some more online for free.

You can search for some these titles that are in my book. Beef and Veggie Broth*Better Than Grass Salad*Birthday Treat for Kitty. Cat Cookies, Cat Crackers, Chicken and Pasta Stew, Chicken and Sardines, Chicken Cheeseburger, Crispy Trout Dinner.

Fabulous Fish balls, Feline Feast, Glop Kitty Pudding, Ham it Up Cat Treats, Kipper Supreme,  Special Note: Do not feed your cat Grapes, Onions, or Raisins. There are a couple recipes in free books that have these as listed ingredients just leave them out.

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My Kitties Favorite Beef and Veggie Broth

Ingredient List: 1/2 cup raw coarsely chopped trimmed beefA few tablespoons of beef broth. I like to use the all natural variety not the canned or dehydrated powder stuff. 2 tablespoons cooked oatmeal1 tablespoon dried barley grass powder. You can find this at pet food stores. 1 cooked minced veggie choose your cat’s favorite.

My cats like peas and carrots when they are fully cooked. These are some of the sweeter vegetables that many cats love and are good for them.

I was also surprised that my pets like finely chop broccoli florets when cooked to slightly mushy. Instructions for Home cooked beef and veggie broth for pets. Cook raw trimmed beef in just enough broth to cover it completely.

Simmer over medium to low heat until beef is cooked all the way thru. Shred the beef with a fork and then chop it to the size your pets enjoy. My cats prefer small pieces in all their prepared meals.

Then mix the meat with the broth in which it was cooked. Add the minced veggie and the barley grass powder. Stir the mixture well for a few minutes.

Last we add the oatmeal as a thickener to achieve the consistency that kitty likes. I have one cat that is a big gravy lover so I spoon some extra gravy on her portions.

Super Hammy Kitty Treats

Ham flavored home cooked Kitty Treats. You can use Beef or chicken flavored baby food as a substitute for the recommended ham baby food. I have tried all 3 and my little piggies like ham the best.List of Ingredients: 1 jar (2-1/2ounces) strained ham baby food. About 1/2 cup cat wheat germ (optional). 5/8 cup non-fat milk powder and one beaten egg.

Here are the cooking directions. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly spray cookie sheet with your favorite vegetable oil spray. Then you mix the baby food of choice, wheat germ, non fat milk powder, and beaten egg in medium mixing bowl until you reach a smooth consistency.

Drip mixture in treat sized portions 1/4 teaspoonfuls onto lightly greased or non-stick baking sheet. Bake 10 to 12 minutes or until golden brown. Cooking time varies depending on the size of the treats and the accuracy of the oven. Remove from oven and let cool on wire rack.

Store baked treats in airtight container or plastic bag and place in refrigerator or freezer. This makes 2-1/2 to 3 dozen kitty treats. Special notes: Cat wheat germ is available at pet stores and often tolerated better than regular.

Same goes for the powered non fat milk. Some cats can be lactic intolerant just like people. We always recommend trying new foods in small trial sizes to make sure they agree with your cat. Consulting an expert is recommended when it comes to changing how your pet eats.

Bland but Tasty Lunch or Dinner for Finicky Felines

Fresh Boiled Organic Chicken

Short Ingredient List: 1 cup shredded chicken light and dark meat mixture is preferred. It can be boiled, steamed or micro waved. 1/4 cup fresh broccoli or cauliflower steamed.

One 1/4 cup shredded or minced carrots steamed until soft. All Natural or organic chicken broth or any with a lower sodium count per serving. Soups and broth have a tendency to be very heavy with salt.

Here is how you build it! First you mix all the ingredients with enough chicken broth to hold it together and put it in a baking dish or pan. Then I like to bake it at 350 for about 30 minutes or you can broil and microwave it.

Although everything was already cooked Its not done until it flakes and is very tender or easy to chew consistency. This same recipe can be used with fish. You can also vary the recipe by adding rice or different vegetables you know kitty likes.