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This cat condo and information page will explain exactly why you want to get your cat one of these carpeted cat toys and the best way to go about it. The cat condo is a carpeted cat toy that acts like an overgrown scratching post.

The main difference between a cat condo for felines and one for humans is there are no monthly association fee’s. It’s a jungle gym, activity center, sleeping area and cat perch all rolled into one very useful piece of equipment. This one piece of cat furniture may be the only thing that could save your couch. I don’t believe in declawing cats.

This is a very painful operation for the animal with a long recovery period and leaves them unprotected. Especially if they should get outside by accident or you allow them to go outside on a regular basis. I do like the glue on covers but some cats won’t tolerate them. Since I believe your cat needs to keep their claws they will need a place to sharpen them. This claw sharpening habit is rooted in their natural instinct.

This activity is very healthy for your feline friend, both physically and mentally. Physically, the sharpening of the claws keeps them trimmed and sheds off the dead outer layers.

Mentally, this is a fun activity for your cat and allows them to expend energy into a physical activity that makes them happy. Note that you can build a discount cat condo on your own if you have basic tools and the cat condo plans.

This allows the flexibility to add perches and enclosures in the best locations for your interior space. You can also add onto the unit when your feline friend gets bored with it and wants more challenging obstacles.

More Cat Condo Information

When your cat engages in the stretching and scratching activity, they are looking to simulate what would actually happen in the wild. This would be the cat sharpening its claws on a big steady tree.

The reason your indoor cat chooses your couch is that this is the most stable and user-friendly item available to them. If you get a small cat scratching device more then likely they will not use it because it’s not large enough and steady enough to simulate a tree.

This is where the carpeted cat toy is irreplaceable. A large cat condo will not only simulate a tree but is covered with carpet. This makes an excellent surface for your cat to really dig its claws into.

The size and the shape of this kitty condo makes it very attractive to your pussycat. Not only do these large devices provide entertainment they also provide a high mounted cat perch for your feline friend to look out upon its world.

This is another basic instinct bread into your cat. Animals in the wild will feel safer when they are high up with clear site to watch for predators and prey. Your cat will surely enjoy the view from high atop their cat tower.

Do I Own Carpeted Cat Toys

Yes, I own one of these overgrown pieces of cat furniture. However, I went about it in the wrong way. We went to a popular cat store paid full retail and picked out a very large carpeted cat condo for $399.00. We then loaded this giant thing into my wife’s Corolla and drove home with it sticking out of the trunk. I hate to drive like that.

We then pulled the cat condo inside and set it up. This item received rave reviews from our cats. After a couple of days of sniffing and using the lower levels our cat Thomas, now zips right to the top. This is now his favorite place to get a view of his world.

Both cats sharpen their claws on it at least once a day. They no longer use the couch because the indoor tree is more fun. I’m glad we bought the cat condo, but I wish I ordered it from Amazon and had it shipped instead of loading it into my wife’s car. I could have saved about $150 on the same exact model and had it delivered to my door.

Here are some cat furniture examples. You can read reviews from pet owners about each kitty condo. Keep in mind that different colors are available to help it blend into your homes interior space. We Bought one like the tree house covered in a light tan carpet.

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