Amazing True Stories about Cats

Mommy and Baby Cat

The thing about cats is they make rewarding and loving pets. If you don’t believe me view the stories posted by site visitors just below this article.

They’re excellent examples of how we the people bond with our feline friends. They can enrich our lives in so many ways. Sometimes the mysterious cat can be a solitary creature that often seem to prefer their own company.

I would say although they value alone time I personally believe that cats need and value companionship. Early months as kittens will have many bonding moments with mom and siblings.

When they all pile on top of each other and sleep together they are creating bonding memories that will always be remember. This need for bonding persists in the domestic cats adult life.

If you doubt this cat fact try ignoring your cat for a while and see if he or she does not seek you out to find out why you are not paying attention to them.

About Cat Training

I like to think of the feline as a cool laid back customer not easily excited.

Like any living thing there can be moments of panic, but even then cats seem to maintain their own sense of dignity and reserve.

When it comes time for learning remember that unlike dogs the feline is not particularly eager to please their owners. It is much more difficult to teach a cat a trick then a dog for this reason.

This fact about cats is not because they are less intelligent than dogs as many believe, but more then likely, because they simply do not see the advantages or anything to gain from it personally.

Even the most loving pets can often come off as somewhat self centered a lot of the time.

If they want to master a particular skill set such as figuring out how to operate a door latch to let themselves in or out of the house they’ll do so, because the rewards are of a personal nature.

Whether their owner thinks it’s cute or clever doesn’t mater to them in anyway, shape or form. If you want to teach the feline something new try showing them that a true advantage will be gained by doing so.

Feline Facts about Playing

Riley Playing

Playing is of course an entirely different ball game (pun intended) and even elderly cats will enjoy a hunting game with a catnip mouse or similar toy.

Cats generally use playtime to practice their hunting skills that they were taught as kittens by their furry Mothers. It can also be used by indoor pets to release pent up energy.

A release of energy can look different then a hunting game. The main way to tell the difference is by the way a cat toy is stalked if a hunt is on. Often this is accompanied by the quick shake of the prey or toy in this case.

When this happens in the wild the captured prey would be immobilize by the action. Many times the next step is sitting on or pinning down the object for further investigation.

Surviving by Quickly Adapting

Another amazing trait that cats display is how they’ve adapted to the human factors throughout their environments.

As an example a lost dog might roam until it drops of exhaustion. Whereas way before exhaustion a lost cat will seek the source of warmth and food it’s learned is readily available from the humans.

This fact about the cats nature not only shows intelligence but also wisdom. This is an advanced state of reasoning for any creature on this earth.

Many stray or lost cats have found a new home simply by persistence and appealing to the good nature of available households.

A sense of confidence in finding alternative caregivers provides these animals an independent feeling that might be taken to the extreme and it’s limits tested.

If this cat becomes upset with its current environment it remembers that all he has to do is move on to the next household and work his way into the family.

It would seem that cats easily view the world as the grass is greener on the other side. This is just my opinion and of course I invite you to share yours. You can even add a picture of your cat to share with visitors all over the world. We have had visitors from 35 countries.

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