Why my cat does things

by Tony

Why does my cat do wierd things?

Why does my cat do wierd things?

I do not understand why my cat does a few things. First he likes to either stand in or paw at the water in his dish. Also on occasion, sometimes he flips the water bowl over for no apparent reason. At least not apparent to me or the family.

He also has a problem with shoveling his dry food into his water bowl and once it makes the water nasty he won't drink from it. But he is the one that made it that way. Does anyone know what might make a cat do this weird behavior?

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Dry food
by: Anonymous

My cat shovels his dry food out of dish,onto floor all the time.

Cat dumps water bowl
by: dobber

Zoltan also dumps his bowl. I run a small amount
of water in the bathtub so he can get in without getting his feet wet. He drinks out of the tub and won't drink from a dish any longer.

Benny loves sock rolls.
by: Anonymous

My cat only hisses when he's playing with a rolled up pair of socks (his idea of a mouse I'm sure) which he has in his mouth when I attempt to go near him or remove the socks. Why is that?

Cat Dumping Water Out
by: Anonymous

my cat did the same thing. She would push her water dish around with her head before dumping or splashing her water out of the dish. I even bought an elevated dish and the same thing. Both of these dishes were ceramic. I finally gave her a 20 oz plastic party cup and she doesn't dump her water out anymore. I hope this helps!

water cat
by: Merily

My cat Nermal occasionally does the same thing.But only if the bowl is stainless steel. She used to put her toys in it as well.

pawing and dumping water dish
by: cat lady

we have two cats. One drinks water no problem.. doesn't matter if the dish is plastic, or even connected to the food dish. My other cat on the other hand paws at ANY dish ANYWHERE you put it. She without a doubt will paw at any dish until she knocks it over.. then will drink out of the puddle on the floor! So several times a day i have to supervise giving them water. The normal drinking cat won't drink the water if the other one has made a huge mess around it cause she doesn't want her paws wet (like most normal cats).

I have tried everything and i just have to hold the dish and keep her from putting her paws in it.. and she will eventually drink but tries pawing at it every time! i love her so much and we do laugh about it but it is a hassle.

Our Begley paws at his water bowl constantly
by: Anonymous

He seems fascinated by moving water. Unfortunately he also has started pushing stuff off our kitchen counter to see if he he can make a splash (!) We're going to try a stainless or ceramic bowl since the current one is plastic.

cats and water
by: Bex

I had a similar problem with my cat Mr. Fang. He had plastic bowls which where joined together. Whilst researching the matter on the internet I read that cats do not like plastic bowls and prefer stainless steel / ceramic bowls which are separate for both food and water.

The plastic bowls allow the water to de-oxygenate and cats like their water oxygenated (that?s why they like fresh water best sometimes straight from the tap). This may be the reason why your cat is pulling over his water bowl.

Also if cats do not like the positioning of their food they will scratch around it and also knock their bowls over. I think different bowls and a place where your cat enjoys eating and drinking will stop this from happening. I hope this helps!

Cat Water Bowls
by: Anonymous

My cat Sookie used to do the same thing with the food and I was also worried she wasn't drinking enough water. So I asked my vet what to do and he told me to separate the food dish from the water (I have them in separate rooms).

And to not use plastic containers since cats are picky about their stuff and plastic tends to keep smell and carry bacteria.

So what I did was buy her ceramic bowls and kept her food dish in my bedroom (since she wakes me up in the middle of night asking for food it's less of a walk lol) and I put her her water bowl in the bathroom, where her litter box is, on top of my sink.

She has this weird obsession with running water and will not drink unless it's fresh water so every time I go to the bathroom she will follow me and junk on the sink. I dump the old water and replace it with flesh one and tap on the bowl and she will drink.

Sometimes when she is in a playful mood she will play attack my twin water self and tap away in the dish making a mess but I think it's cute and at least she licks her paw in the process drinking some water lol.

Plays with, pushes around and dumps his water dish
by: Anonymous

I have been very seriously wondering WHY my Mr. Neo does this very odd thing. I am concerned because I think he dumps more water than he drinks and according to the vet he needs to drink a lot. We bought an expensive cat drinking fountain and he actually TOOK IT APART and tried to dump it out. He's making a huge mess and DRIVING US CRAZY!

Dryfood | Waterbowl
by: millie

About why my cat does things. I am writing from Spain, and i have the same PROBLEM with my cat, he picks his dry food from his tray and throws it out, and when he is alone in the kitchen he pushes the bowl in the middle of the kitchen and i always end up with my foot in the bowl. have no idea, but nothing serious. take care

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