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happy cat RileyOur Happy Cat Riley

Our cat Riley exhibits some odd behavior at times. When she is given a new toy mousy, she bats the mouse around for a short time.

Then she starts to chew on the tail until it is completely removed from the mousy. She then swallows it. We will find it a few days later, in the litter box.

This behavior kind of boggles my mind. We're not sure why she eats just the tail off of the toy mouse. She'll only do this if it's a high quality leather mouse tail.

She will not eat the tail off of any cheap or string tailed mousy toy. This is not an isolated incident. She performs this surgery, every time a new mousy hits the floor.

Our other cat Thomas is not interested at all in mouses, he likes bouncy balls. Strange cat behavior is fun to discuss and share with other pet owners.

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We have no idea why Riley insists on eating the tails from her mouse toy. We asked our vet if he had heard of any stories or knew any reason why she was doing this.

He said that he had not seen this before, but that it may be a yearning for Riley to have roughage in her diet. We have no idea why Riley insists on eating the tails from her mouse toy.

We asked our vet if he had heard of any stories or knew any reason why she was doing this.

He said that he had not seen this cat behavior before, but that it may be a yearning for Riley to have roughage in her diet.

Using our new home cooked cat food recipes book we have started to provide Riley, with more roughage with her favorite recipe in the book called the cat salad.

If you have a cat that has this same behavior drop us a note on the on the above form. Also tell us about the other strange things your cats do so we can share them with our cat community.

Strange Cat Behavior

What strange cat behaviors does your cats practice? Join in and share it with our World Wide cat loving community!

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black and white cat imageTuxedo Thomas

Thomas enjoys reading all the submissions about unusual cat behavior. For some odd reason He thought he was the only cat in town with issues.

Although he may have a few different quirks he now understands that he is not alone and many of his feline friends deal with the same issues. Help this strange cats section grow by sharing with a cat lover.

Look our first response on the mouse tail eating cat behavior. Comment Box: Dear Mark and Cindi, My husband and I also have a feline friend (Poe) who used to chew the leather tails off of his toy mice.

I use the past tense because we no longer buy them for him for two reasons. We didn't think this was terribly healthy for his "innards" and "toy mice" was becoming an individual category in our budget.

The funny part is that once he ate the tails he would lose interest and come to us and cry for another, AND if we removed the tails before giving them to him he would sit at our feet and cry louder.

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