My Cats and Laundry

by Mark

My cats in laundry

My cats in laundry

My cats love freshly cleaned laundry. How much you ask? Well as soon as I grab the laundry basket they begin to follow me. They hang out in the laundry room admiring the different cycles the washing machine goes through. They also love the variety of noises from the tumble dryer.

I prefer my clean clothes to stay that way but my cats have a different plan. I am not sure if it is the heat from the dryer or the fresh smell from the laundry detergent but my cats are like missiles to the pile of clean clothes.

As pictured above you can see they prefer sheets over the other laundry items. First they smash themselves out a little nest and then they hang out for awhile until a nap is achieved. Sometimes my cats will spend several hours on top of the clean clothes.

After they are finished I throw the sheets back in the drier for about 10 minutes with an anti static cling dryer sheet to release the hairs from the fabric. Laundry day is my cat’s favorite day of the week. Just thought I would share the daily routine around our house with the nice visitors here.

Do your cats like laundry as much as my cats do? I have had cats go through the laundry basket before but these two only like clean clothes! I would prefer they liked the dirty ones.

Some people say just tell your cat to get off the clean clothes. Well in our house our cats are full legalized citizens. If a cat is sitting on a chair then he must have got there first. Thereby the chair is his until he is done with it.

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toasty clothes
by: Penny

My Dinah perks up as soon as she sees me come in with the basket. She jumps in and snuggles down and we make a game of how many shirts I can extract from under her. This is fun for both of us and I actually enjoy laundry day because of 'toasty clothes'. Sometimes Mimsy plays instead, and I have to swipe the socks without getting pounced on by his claws!

cats at laundry time
by: brian

well you are not the only one whose cats love freshly clean laundry - every time I wash my clothes and bring them back as soon as I empty the bag full of clean clothes they rub against it like they are very interested in the smell - they don't just do that with clean clothes when someone comes over and takes their shoes off then my cats will be all up in them and I don't know why but its kind of funny to watch.

Cats Loves Laundry!
by: Linda

I thought I was the only person with cats that like the clean laundry, freshly removed from the dryer.

My cat Calio, watches as the laundry is removed from the dryer and thrown on the bed for folding. She is right in the middle of the clean laundry;

I don't have the heart to ask her to move. She snuggles in for a nap until SHE is ready for new adventures.

Making the bed with a cat
by: Anonymous

One of my cats also likes fresh sheets so much that I made the bed many times with him laying between the sheets. He usually stays in there for a nap.

Cute cats
by: Wendy

Your cats in the laundry are absolutely precious! Thanks for sharing that photo & story with us.

I have a big male orange tabby that loves to bury himself in fluffy taffeta & netting fabrics that I use for making theater costumes & wedding dresses.

Laundry Cats
by: Anonymous

Guess you are going to have to buy a sheet just for your cats and hand it over as a "distraction" while the real sheets/laundry get folded.

My cat and now new kitten are all too helpful with clean clothes and folding time as well. Making the bed with new sheets isn't easy either. I just give up, walk away and come back when they are done with it.
Good luck!

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