My cat licks my face

by Madeline

cat licking face image added

cat licking face image added

When I come from school and I pick up my cat so I can cuddle her, she always licks my cheek. Sometimes she holds on to the back of my head also.

What do you think this means?

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Kitty love
by: Anonymous

Your cat is just showing that you are socially accepted by him. Cats only groom each other when they are very close emotionally. He's showing how much he loves you by keeping you squeaky clean!

My cats do it too!
by: Kim Billings

I think either they may be grooming you, or showing signs of affection.

You may be being groomed
by: Nancy

To your cat, you are the dominate cat. Cats will groom themselves and other cats. You cat maybe grooming you.

My cat will lick my hand, just like she was grooming another cat. Mother cats will use their paws when trying to hold onto their kittens when grooming.

Also, paws have glands and cats will use their paws to 'mark' @"with their scent, which can be used for telling other cats, "this is mine, paws off!"

Monty does the same thing
by: Joan Australia

Hi my cat Monty is so lovable when he sits on your knee and he wants to kiss you he will turn your face round with his paw (just like a child would do).

If he wants to go out side (we keep him indoor)but put him an a lead and attach it to a line in the back garden this way he cannot do any harm to the wildlife.

And then we take him for a walk round the garden where he can climb up the trees (still attached to his lead) at night he curls himself up around my head purring his head of and licking my hair.

Monty is 18 months old he was born in a drain at the top of our street my friend took him his mother and the other 5 kittens in.

when we got him I had to feed him with a bottle he just loved that I will end for now hope you all can make sense out of this I am not to good at this
over and out Joan

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