Male cat humps blanket

by Stacey

Cat Humps Blanket

Cat Humps Blanket

Why does my male cat hump blankets? About 9 months ago I rescued a male wild cat that had been left behind by his mother. He has always sucked and kneaded the fuzzy blanket I cover up with while sitting on the couch, but he has recently started to hump the blanket as well.

If anyone tries to pull the blanket from him he gets very aggressive and attacks their and and meows. He is otherwise the most lovable cat I have ever met. I know it is normal for a bottle fed cat to suck and kneed on things, but have never seen a cat do this humping motion on anything other than another cat.

He is an indoor/outdoor cat and there are many other cats that run loose in our neighborhood, so I am sure he has had the opportunity to satisfy these craving elsewhere. Has anyone else ever seen this male cat humps blanket behavior in a cat or is mine really just that weird?

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3 months old and humping
by: Anonymous

My baby boy, Thor, is a 3mo old tabby who just started doing this. At first I just thought he was "making biscuits" but then he started biting the blankie and I noticed his wee-wee poking out LOL. I'm worried since he's humping he may start spraying soon, but every vet & clinic around here absolutely refuses to neuter him until he's 6mo old. He's a very loving & extra playful boy otherwise. Now I know I'm not alone and that I should just let him do it, it's normal. If I hide the blankie he just finds my pajamas or my 22 year old teddy bear. Lol. He also was a rescue, someone just dropped him off outside the restaurant I work at. He was only 5 weeks old, then. Love my baby regardless and will fix him soon as the vet will allow it.

Humpty Dumper
by: Anonymous

My male cat is 5 yrs old now. He was found on the side of the road in the middle of winter. He is fixed. He used to hump blankets. He is the most lovable, affectionate, smart cat ever. But now he has started to hump my husband leg every night in bed. He gets very angry when my husband makes him leave the bed. But he keeps trying. At least 4 or 5 times a night. It's really pretty funny. Would love to know why he does this.

by: Anonymous

I use to use the blankets in the house until my cat claimed them as humping pillows. He just randomly started. He goes for a few minutes, then after goes and rehydrates with a drink water then it's back for round 3. I'm not even mad.

I have never laughed so much
by: Anonymous

This thread is hilarious.

Ha ha
by: Anonymous

My orange tabby cat does this about 6 times a day he is currently on my bed doing it as I speak, but it's not aggressive or anything. He doesn't make any noises when hes doing it unless I touch him. Other than that he's just really going away at it. It's kinda cute and really funny when he walks around dragging the blanket behind him.

7 month old humper
by: Carli

I have a 7 month old black male kitty. He's neutered and just recently started humping a soft fuzzy blanket of mine. He starts off sucking and tenderizing it then starts to do his little pelvic thrusts. It's a little weird, but it's not out of control and he doesn't take it out on my 7 year old black female. So I'll probably just get him his own blanky and let him go to town if he wants.

Humpty Dumpty
by: Anonymous

Our cat is now 9 months old grabs my wifes pj's drags them off the bed and humps them. Or he grabs the throw blanket on the end of the bed balls it up between his legs and humps that. Any answers out there.

Twisty blanket humper too!
by: Anonymous

My weird male cat, neutered, adopted at 12 weeks old -- now is about 9 months old, has started humping the blanket on my bed every night when I get ready to go to sleep. He use to try to hump my leg after I put it under the blankets, but would get mad when I shook him off. Now he just grabs the blanket in his mouth, twists it around until it's like a big upside down tornado - and does his business. Whatever that may be.

Snowshoe's blanket girlfriend
by: dwight

My male Snowshoe cat Fooze has recently began humping and thumping a fleece blanket, which we now call his girlfriend. He hates for me to even look or remark about his little thumping thing and will yell and even chase me aggressively out of the bedroom to regain his privacy. After his little session he will return to the living room with the attitude like nothing ever happened. Its comforting to know he doesn't leave a wet spot behind.

by: Nancy Anne Gorecki

I am currently having the same problem with my male cat who its not fixed with the same exact reactions as yours and you have to move all items out of sight that are for a lack of better words HUMPABLE! DO NOT GIVE BACK! I gave his back in a week or so and when I tell you I am not exaggerating 26 hrs he humped my blanket. I agree it's their way of wanting attention because her is lovable later on.

humping behavior
by: Anonymous

If you Google this behavior, many professionals suggest that it's cause is from some need for affection/attention. Prior to being adopted by you, he/she most likely had little or no interaction or affection. They say do not reprimand. experiencing this in a rescued male cat. :(

Kitten humping robes
by: Mary R Ziegler

I was told by a vet that this is normal behavior. You can not make them stop, just like you can't tell a husband who's had a vasectomy not to have feelings for his wife. All neutering does is to prevent more kittens to be born. It is birth control for cats.

Kitten humping robe
by: Mary

My main coon who was neutered, in his latter years tried to hump my female cat who was considered a petite female. Of course he was unsuccessful and he would yowl in frustration. After he died I adopted 2 cats 1, is a female and the other is a male. I still have the other cat who turned from a petite female to a fat cat. Anyway both kittens are 6-7 months old. They are both neutered. Just recently my male Kitten will pick up my plush robe with his teeth and try to hump the robe. Needlessly he is unsuccessful. But when I mentioned this to a vet he said just because a man has a vasectomy does not mean he lost his desire. He said it is the same with male cats. It's funny to watch, but I know he is frustrated

humpty hump cat
by: tony

I read some of these post and most of these other people have the same problem as myself. But all there cats are already neutered. Mines isn't yet. He still humpty humps his blanket. Neutered or not they still do the deed! So what is the fix?

kitty humping.
by: tony

I have a one year old cat named smokey. He does the same thing your cat does. He humps his blanket every night like clock work. I would like to know why and if I can get him to stop. I use the squirt bottle treatment.seems to calm him down. He stops and runs away. But every night! Please I think his hormones are over active, but what do I do to stop him completely?

Mine Too
by: Aardvark

I have an orange mackerel male tabby (probably an oxymoron since I have yet to see a female orange tabby) who will seek out articles of my clothing and start humping them. I have assumed it is because he "loves" me. He always wants to be around me, especially since my other cat passed away from old age a few years ago.

Neutered Senior began humping blankets around 10 years old
by: Anonymous

One of our orange Tabby's began humping blankets a few years back at around 10 years of age. He was neutered when he was a kitten after my husband rescued him from a dumpster in the Virgin Islands. This behavior seemed to begin when we brought a second cat into the picture two years ago. Although this second cat is a neutered male that's a few years younger, but larger than him, this second cat tends to dominate our first cat when they "play".

I try to intervene when I can by squirting our second cat with water when he shows signs of domination towards our first cat. Our first cat seems to hump a few different blankets and pillows about three times a day. He does the full humping motion and meows very loudly. And if I try to intervene, he gets very nasty and tries to bite me. When he finishes, he licks his genitals afterward.

In this situation, it seems that he is doing this to either get attention from me or to show his dominance towards an object since our second cat tends to dominate him. I know they are two male cats, but they are not necessarily tearing each other apart. And I don't mind his humping so much, especially since neither of them spray to show their dominance. For that, I am thankful!

We all have sucker/humpers. : p
by: Cherie

Ok. So we all have the same situation. Does ANYONE have an explanation and/or suggestions on how to get him to stop? My 20 lb. pure black shorthair, who is normally a luv-bug, is driving me and the other 4 cats & 4 dogs totally cray-cray. Help!

Russian Blue neutered male humps
by: Anonymous

Today was the first day he did this. It was cold last night so we put an extra blanket on the bed. One of those soft plush poly fleece ones. When he jumped up on the bed be sniffed all around and grabbed an end in his mouth, got a real serious look on his face and started dragging the blanket around in weird circles and tried to find a comfortable place to hump away. At first I didn't realize what he was doing. He only did it for a few minutes. We put the blanket away. We happened to be at Bed Bath and Beyond and they had a cute fleece blanket for cats so we bought it. I put Jitters on it and away he went. I had told my boyfriend about it earlier but he didn't believe me. Now he saw it for himself. I'm glad to know my little humper isn't alone. He too was an abandoned or lost cat who found us about 2 months ago. He has been living with us ever since. The vet estimates him to be about 2 yrs old and he is neutered. He is an awesome cat and we find it quite funny he is doing this. Luckily its just dry humping.

My 6 Yr. old Maine Coon Mix
by: Anonymous

I am so glad I found this board. My 6 yr. old male Maine Coon does this. It used to be just occasionally, usually in the spring, I figured it was remnant spring fever. He has been fixed for 3 years, but he fathered a litter of kittens first so he has had a "taste of the wild" you might say.

Lately he has been doing it a few to several times a day! He drags my fleece lounge pants out to the living room or hall, where ever he has visual contact with me and then "has at it". He is also extremely vocal about it, usually waking the house up at least once a night! lol His two twin sons, which are also fixed do not engage in this behavior and look at him like they do not get what he is doing. Sometimes they will walk over and sniff him like they are investigating something is wrong with him, lol

my crazy cat
by: Anonymous

My cat does the same thing. I thought he was the only strange cat out there. I know now I'm not the only one!

I feel you!
by: Anonymous

OMG Yes!!! My cat humps my blankets to. Sometimes its my leg, which grosses me out. Usually I just smack him or shove him off my bed. I still have no idea why he does it... but its chill.

it is sexual
by: Anonymous

My cat will hump a blanket while staring at our spayed female. You would have to see it, but for sure you can tell he is fantasizing.

my young teen cat is doing strange things
by: Ashley Purdy

Well, I have a soft blanket that my cat Chace loves a bit too much. It started out with him needing and rolling on it. Now, he humps it. I heard this action is because cats may be depressed and feeling lack of affection and attention.

Same problem
by: Shakeel

My Kitten just started doing this, he's around 8 Months. As soon as I noticed what he was doing, I took the covers away from him. It's disgusting behavior and would be embarrassing in front of guests. Before anyone says that it is cruel just think of it as masturbating in front of others Animal or not. Repulsive behavior.

bushy tail cat
by: Anonymous

I have a 10 month old male grey and white bushy tailed tabby. He's not fixed. He started doing this at 6 months. He occasionally gets aggressive if I interrupt him, but once he's done, he rolls over, chills out, and takes a nap.

Trying to add the humping cats picture
by: ML

I am going to see if I can add my boys picture with his mouth clamped on and the glazed eyes! I will try! Nope, not letting me. But this is his nightly ritual still and in the early am as well! Oh well, I still love him! Our vet says it is a dominance issue only.

The quest ends
by: Angie

Wonderful to find this site. I got my rescue cat 2 and 1/2 months ago. He is between 3 and 5 years old. Probably neutered late. Anyway, he does the humping routine always grabbing something in his mouth. He is not upset (outwardly) when I stop the behavior. I was desperate to know if I could expect this to stop. Reading this site makes me accept that this will probably continue. That's okay. He is one sweet cat.

my boy cats a humper too
by: Anonymous

I'm so glad to read others have cats that do this. I adopted him from a shelter at 4 1/2 yrs old and he was already neutered. A sweet cat. First he started by dragging the new cat bed I bought down the hall and into the family room where he humped it while making noises. Now he prefers blankets. He drags them to where I am before doing his thing. I did wonder if they didn't perform the surgery correctly LOL. It's so weird to watch but doing it makes him happy.

Black & White male in love with Zebra print fuzzy fleece
by: Anonymous

My male cat, Witter, has kneaded, bit & humped a blanket that he has had since he was 7wks old. He concentrates really hard, grabs it in his mouth & twists in circles until he has it just the right way. He usually passes out for a nap shortly after his "session", which is several times daily! The funny thing is, he's black & white, and this blanket is a zebra print fuzzy fleece. When he sleeps on it, you almost can't see him.

by: Anonymous

Nope my cat does the same he also humps my leg to Its annoying I either squirt him or smack him.

this is one of the funniest threads I have ever seen
by: Patricia

Yes, my Felix is a humper too. He likes the poly fleece blanket that all of us sleep with. I wash my bed linens every week, and I'm not sure if he humps it wen I'm not around. This is the blanket I put on the bed for extra warmth, but I take it off when I make the bed. It's like a ritual: I put it on the bed, get under the covers, and Felix hops up and starts kneading. Sometimes it ends there, but sometimes he humps it. He concentrates really hard, and last night he seemed to have a happy ending, because he came over to the pillow, leaned on it, and started cleaning himself.

He lives with his mom, litter mate brother, and some other cats. They all get along, but he doesn't get the attention he wants from his mom; sometimes she even smacks him when he wants affection. Poor boy. I try to cuddle him a bunch, but he doesn't like being held. He was fixed at age 1, and is 1 year and 4 months now. I don't remember if Felix had been fixed yet, but he actually enjoyed the blanket on top of me once. My vet said that when fixed animals hump, they don't release anything. I'm not sure about that.

rescued Maine coon mix
by: ML

We found this starving little guy a year ago on Thanksgiving and took him to emergency when he was so sick and scared. Got him well, neutered him at the right age and he was very social with the 2 of us. He once in a great while would drag a stuffed animal or doll all the way down the stairs and bite, knead and hump them. It would be a month between items. Then he found the furry blanket and started doing this at night on my bed. Now for the last 2 months it is 4 to 5 times every night.

I removed the blanket and he replaced it with an old sweater I had thrown on the end of the bed after taking it off. He has now tried to drag it to where my arms and legs are and goes at it for about 15 minutes then sleeps by my legs or waist area. I gently push him away from my face, but he doesn't want to stop!

Humping kitty's
by: Dave

So glad I found these comments, Ive had cats all my live (45) but never have seen a cat (until this one) display this type of humping,thought he was a freak,my partner says he is my demon and just doing all the things i subconsciously wish to do, but now ive seen this i can get on with my life, hump on Sid your totally normal kitty. Just stop doing it on my head when I'm asleep.

My cat has the same habit
by: Anonymous

My male cat started doing this around 2 years old , he is almost 3. He tries to hump my leg when I have blankets on too it is really annoying and also just the blankets. He starts purring really loud and tries to do it a few times a night or a couple times a day. He was adopted around 6-8 months already neutered when we got him. He was neglected by someone who was carelessly breeding cats and had about 30 cats in their home. That is really the only background I have on him. I guess it is good to know my cat isn't the only one that does this. Besides this annoying habit he is a great cat child.

my tom cat humps
by: joey

Its nice to know my cat isn't unusual. He is 8 years old and he has been humping the wooly blanket since he was neutered at the age of 6 months. But I love him regardless. My little pudding pie.

Cat humps fleece
by: Stacey

Mine does this too he was neutered and the same outdoor indoor. He was a rescue. It's weird how he does this to the fleece blanket. I can't figure it out.

mr humpy
by: Anonymous

They are cats and just like humans they need to release sexual tension. Humping a blanket will not progress to humping a kitten as long as that cat knows its boundaries. If the girl cat is not in heat then there shouldn't be a problem, but if she is in heat scream at the male cat and sternly say his name and say no while making eye contact.

My cat Maddy is a huge humper. He likes teddy bears. He once dragged a huge Clifford dog stuffed animal and it was 10 times bigger then he was. He humps 1-2 times a day for about 45 min. He only mounted the female a few times but was punished. He now takes his frustration on the teddy bears. Give your cat something stimulating how would you like to never have sex again?

New cat advice
by: Anonymous

We just adopted a male cat. 2 or 3 years old and he was abandoned. He was found neutered. He seems to be humping a blanket sometimes. We haven't allowed him and our first cat, a female, to interact yet as we're giving them time to acclimate. Will his humping lead him to attempting this with our female cat?

by: Anonymous

My 5 month old Maine Coon just started humping as well but he only humps one particular blanket and he only does it if I'm under it. It's Not something I like waking up too! If I throw it on the floor he stops and just curls up next to me and falls asleep.

We got him at three weeks old because the people who had him just left him and 2 other litters of kittens in a box outside and they kept dying so we took him early. He was bottle-fed for about a week then he moved on to soft food. No he hasn't been neutered yet. He's a strange kitten but I love him still! Lol

The Beatles
by: Anonymous

My cat humps any sort of soft blanket from my partners favorite purple one to my Beatles blanket. At first I thought it was because the softness reminded him of his mother and smell of us or something but we recently went to the pet store and bought him his own blanket specifically for his humping and he now goes at it more with this blanket than with the others ever seen. Sometimes ill see Mr. Wendi go to town three or four times a day. I still have to hide mine and my partners blanket from him. Strange cats that hump unite!

by: Anonymous

you should have your cat neutered. Thou I have a male cat whom is neutered and he still humps stuff. Actually he had a stuffed monkey he stole from my daughter he started with then that got all dirty so I pitched it. Then he found himself a nice stuffed cat, hey least its the same species This time!!! then I pitched that and he moved onto a bright orange teddy bear. I gave up pitching the toys to spare my daughters collection so yes, my cat also humps things, I also have two that suck on and kneed the blankets too and they were not bottle fed and spent their whole lives with their mother.

Male cats hump blankets
by: Anonymous

My cat is 13 years old and has made love to his "binky" since he was a 6 month old. He was abandoned at 1 day old and bottle fed. He does not mind if anyone is around and I see him as happy with his life; his body and spirit.

Me ditto!
by: Karen

My cat is 5 yrs. old, neutered since a kitten and just started doing this recently too. He kneads and throws in a hump here and there LOL! Never started doing it till age 5, and done it every single day for 2 months since. He doesn't get aggressive, but walks away if I pet during this ritual. A cat at the rescue I volunteer at does the biting a blanket, humping thing and he gets mad if you come near his lady(blanket).

Dusty the cat
by: Anonymous

Ive been reading online about this because my cat also humps and bites and kneads my blankets. A lot of articles say its because they were taken from their mother to early, but we've had my cats mother since she was a kitten and we kept her baby. So they can play with each-other, so you see my cat never left his mother. If anything he was probably breast feeding too long. He is also already neutered and the nicest cat ever! I think its just him saying he loves me?

Both cats do it
by: Rhiannon

My moms cat did the same thing to a soft green blanket. Now My 2 year old male has started doing this to his small stuff toys. Any small stuff toy will do for him. Both cats where neutered at 6 months of age. Glad my cats are not the only odd balls.

My boy's object of affection is a sweater
by: Madam Heather

I was searching the internet to see if this is a common thing. Most of these stories are about abandoned or kitten adopted very young... I wonder if there is a correlation.

My male tabby was found at less than a week old, abandoned. He was bottle fed and only knew humans for the first 2 months of his life. (My parents bottle fed him). I had him for 4 more months and got him neutered.

The behavior did not actually happen until after the neuter... (Interesting huh...) I was packing up some clothes for donation and he pulled out this old fluffy sweater that I hardly ever wore because it attracted every kind of lint you could imagine. He drug it around and was making a high pitched meow.

His back legs quivered and what appeared to be spasms radiated from his hind quarters. They have been buddies ever since. He gets very aggressive if you take it away (even when it is not in use) or he cannot find it. I believe he dominates it at least 3 times a day. Not only does he do this, but he wants for you to SEE him do it.

He will drag the sweater out to where you are and do it right in front of you. I really don't understand it, but it is a fun party conversation when he drags out the "girlfriend". I got a lot from the discussion. Hope others find the same in mine.

The touch of a blanket
by: Anonymous

My dad's cat does this and so does mine. Little do they know, they've both had fun with the same blanket! This blanket is faux fur with a cow pattern.

Soft Blanket is Best Friend
by: Anonymous

My cat does this as well. Every-time he comes to lay on my bed he hunches up on top of a really soft throw, and does his thing. One day he decided to pick up a teddy bear and drag it around the bed. When hes done he decides to clean himself.. Must have been good! haha

Find him a stuffed girlfriend
by: Anonymous

As I'm sitting here, my six year old male cat is humping "his girlfriend, the stuffed lion". He was neutered at 8 mos (a little late due to a heart murmur). Originally, he humped everything, including me. My vet suggested an "object for his affection", and my daughter's stuffed lion was donated for the job.

Whenever he is really happy, he starts howling at me; I get the lion, and he does his thing. It's a little embarrassing during the middle of a dinner party (yes, he's done this!)but otherwise, we cope. Any suggestions on how to limit it? I'm recently home from vacation, and he is sooo happy that it's a bit over the top on frequency these days.

Other than that, we just kind of laugh at it. It's harmless, and it makes him quite happy! I've had many male cats in my life, and this is the first one I've had with this issue. My two other male cats do not follow his lead, thank God!

not just older cats
by: Anonymous

my boy was just a tiny little two-week-old thing when we found him. we had him neutered at six months. but about a month before we got him fixed he started to hump my blanket. it's a big thick plush tiger-striped blanket. i thought it would stop when he got snipped but it didn't. he's three now and he still does it several times a day. i put the blanket away for a while and he found some other plushy blanket to hump. there's just no stopping him. not all male cats will do this, just the really weird ones.

Oh my god!!
by: daria

I was actually going to post this separately but re-read the list and realized this is exactly the behavior that so confused us all when my mom's cat turned 17 or so...his version was to drag his feathers-on-a-wand toy into the living room right in front of the tv (while we were watching) - then he would drop it, kind of hover over it while making angry, cat-in-heat type loud meows, stomping/kneading the ground around the toy, and arching his back. He would fluctuate btw this and picking up the wand and rotating in a circle, still "kneading" and meowing through a mouthful of feathers while making extremely - er - sexual gestures! My mom found it very disturbing, I found it hilarious - it seemed the obvious sexual frustrations of a slightly senile virgin kitty. A bit sad considering he was such a dignified gentleman his whole life! :)

cat humps blanket
by: Anonymous

I got my male cat "Tony" as a small kitten. He was neutered at around 6 months old. He would lay at the bottom of my bed on a sheep skin blanket, a faux one. I noticed that he started to knead a lot on the blanket, then his eyes would get glassy and he'd start to hump the blanket as well as bite it. This happened quite a bit before he was a year old. the blanket is long gone. Tony is now 4 years old and just this past weekend, I found a piece of sheep skin and put it in his cat bed for a blanket. And guess what? The behavior was on again!! He humped the blanket 3 different times in one hour. Happy camper or crazed cat?

Cat humping blanket
by: Anonymous

My neutered male cat does this as well. He was a rescue, and I gave him a blanket when I brought him home. He kneaded on it from day one, and also gets very aggressive and attacks and meows. It's impossible to touch him. It's improved somewhat (this used to end with him jumping at my face, sometimes in the middle of the night); now, I don't interrupt him, and don't try to touch him and he winds down pretty quickly. He's a senior cat now, and I don't think he'll ever get it out of his system.

Same cat behavior
by: Anonymous

My boy does the same thing. He's four years old and was a stray - he was "fixed" late in life. He's purely an indoor cat and used to get angry if you moved or tried to take the blanket but no longer responds that way. I've been told it's just something that they remember instinctive and usually occurs when a male is fixed later in life. I think it's kind of cute!

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