Cat Tapping

by Nicole

Cat tapping with paws

Cat tapping with paws

My cat is tapping with her paws? I woke up this morning to feel a tap-tap-tap on my arms and legs. I thought possibly it was my fiance but awoke to find my 8 year old female cat tapping away, just like a human!

It was not your typical kneading, but a tapping with her paws. She was also tapping on my fiance when she finished coming over to me! I can't find anything about this on the internet, can anyone recommend some good sites with information or advice?

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cat taping also
by: Anonymous

Hi my cat does the same thing its 1 year old and as soon as my alarm goes off it starts tapping me on the chin with its paw. Maybe because i don't hear it the alarm it's trying to waking me up.

Cat Advice
by: Anonymous

I have advice - pet the cat! She's just bored and wants your attention. I've known many cats that do this.

My Cat Taps Too!
by: maredo55

Hi all, I'm happy to find other cat owners who have tapping cats. Our youngest cat, Sauron II (Sauron the second) taps plant leaves, papers piled on my desk, bed sheets that are in a pile and other things that are about his eye-height.

I've not seen much on this on the internet, and when searching it just seems to bring up 'cat kneading' which is a totally different thing.

I've posted a (not so great) video to YouTube: if you search SauronII tapping Office you should find it. I would be interested to know if this is the sort of behavior others are witnessing.

Thanks!(omg... he's tapping papers on my desk as I'm writing this!!)

kitty tapping
by: Anonymous

One of my cats does the same thing! I was at home alone the first time it happened,sitting on the floor putting on makeup- and I felt a tap on my back and I almost had a heart attack. It felt like a finger tapping me, but it was a kitty :) He does this all the time now whenever he wants to be pet.. which is ALL the time
It's adorable!

Tapping cats
by: Charlotte

My cat Tiger started doing that to me this morning at 4.30am for half an hour! I had left his treats in the kitchen with the puppy so I couldn't get him anything!

He eventually gave up! It did make me laugh! When I looked at him he had these big gooey eyes as if to say feed me! :)

my kitty taps my face
by: dvman

My Kitty will wake me up by tapping my forehead and crying for my attention, He usually does it just after the alarm goes off or at sunrise.

I tell my co-workers that Kitty wants to discuss the amount of food, but I have learned to fill his dishes at night.

For the most part Kitty gets me up I follow him and he cries all the way until we get to an open space, where he turns on his back and he allows me to scratch his tummy for a few minutes.

When bored he lets me go back to sleep, it is strange but on weekends he often lets me sleep until about 9-10 before he wants to get up.

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