Cat licks blanket

by Jennifer Pitts

Cats Love Blankets

Cats Love Blankets

Cat licks blanket. I have a fleece blanket. My cat sat there one day and started licking my blanket it was so weird. So I bought him his own fleece blanket to lick.

So know when he comes inside he eats then goes strait back to his blanket. First my cat licks the blanket then he will go to sleep on it.

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Cat Eats Fleece Blankets
by: Anonymous

My cat eats fleece blankets. There are huge holes in all the fleece that isn't protected in the house. Anyone else have this problem?

My cat licks blankets
by: Anonymous

Yeah my cat has been licking our blankets too. It's really weird because she also uses her paws to press on the blanket and when she does this her claws come out. I'm guessing she does this because we got her when she was still nursing.

Fleece licking
by: Paul J. Butcher

My cat does the same thing with my polar fleece bathrobe. And he purs excessive while doing it. Maybe it's some sort of nursing instinct? He's an older than a kitten so we may think his mother died when he was younger since we picked him up as a stray like the other 6 cats we have. He is the only one that does this though.

one out of four
by: Anonymous

My cat had 4 female kittens. There is one that started licking any kind of cloths or yarns. Anything she can lick she does. I crocheted a "worm" and tied it on their climbing post and she will sit there and lick it so much so it's just one big long fuzz thing. She seems happy so I just let her alone.

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