Cat hisses and growls

by Peggy Obitts
(Waynesboro, PA)

Our cat hisses and growls at everyone except me and boyfriend. We got her when she was probably 4-5 weeks old. She was found in a wood pile by a co worker. So I fell in love with her and took her in. She is very lovable towards me and my boyfriend.

But when anyone comes in the house she growls and hisses at them. But she will not bite or scratch them. She is now around 16 weeks and still does not like other people.

But she does play rough with me and boyfriend that sometimes bring blood. She is still my baby girl no matter what. I'm Just scared when I go To get her fixed and declawed the vet might have something to say about her behavior.

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my cat does it too
by: Melodie


our cat was abandoned as a kitten - she only weighed 1 lb. when we got her. She's very loving with both my husband and I, but just as you said, will hiss, growl and/or swipe at anyone who comes over.

The weird thing is, most cats who don't like people will just go and hide when company comes - not her....she sucks people in by acting all nice and friendly and then turns on them!

you should get her fixed
by: Mickey

To put your mind at ease, vets are used to cats being "behaviorally challenge". First of all, cats don't like going to the vet and act differently than they would in a normal situation. When we got our girls fixed, their whole behavior calmed considerably. Hope this helps.

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