Cat dragging stuff

by Danielle
(New Jersey)

Cat dragging things

Cat dragging things

Cat dragging stuff and crying. I seriously need help figuring this one out. Okay, so when my cat was a baby, she used to snatch up socks and walk around with them in her mouth, it was so rare to see her doing it, so i just dismissed it as cute kitten behavior.

Well now she's about a year, and she just had 3 kittens, and she is snagging ALL clothes. Pants, shorts, shirts, socks, bathrobes, and towels. Anything she finds laying on the floor or in her reach, she grabs and drags around. NOT ONLY, is she doing this more and more often, but she also lets out a terribly loud cry while doing it, as if she is in heat, even though shes not. Is this like a sign of stress? or maybe even just a form of OCD for cats?

Is there ANYONE who can help me in making her stop? its so unbelievably annoying to have to worry about what is going to be laying in the middle of my living room every time I get home with company. please any help? Leave your comments here and thank you in advance!

Reply to NJ cat: My cat does a similar thing in this case I do not think it has to do with the hunting instinct. I think that is a separate issue. With my cat (and the original post) it sounds like a maternal/kitten thing. My cat Lucy has had a fuzzy ball toy since she was a kitten, she is now about 16 years old.

She has never played with any other toy and she is not a hunter. All her life she has (maybe 2-3 times a day and at night)began meowing LOUDLY (as if in heat)and carrying the ball around. It has often reminded me of a cat carrying a kitten. Sometimes she will bring it to us, but very rarely. More often she moves it from room to room, sometimes puts it in my shoes, or on the couch, or in her sleeping basket.

She does it by herself and stops if anyone comes in the room. It is very strange. I have often thought that it might have had something to do with her mother or kitten hood or perhaps that she had a heat before she was spayed? I don't know. Hopefully your cat's behavior will taper off and become more manageable.

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It wasn't the kids
by: JewelinGa

I have a petite silver tabby female rescued at one year, very sweet, indoor / outdoor cat, now three years old, who has a habit of taking socks out of the sock basket downstairs laundry room and dropping them in a trail all the way up to my bedroom. When there are several strewn about, I can't believe the work she goes thru to accomplish this. At first I thought my three boys were responsible. She only does it when I can't witness it now, but at first I would hear her making a peculiar noise that I came to recognize as a "successful hunter" announcement, because it was the same noise she made when she had a mouse or lizard, etc. Because the goal destination of these "deadly socks" seems to be my bed, I believe she is bringing them to me as a gift. It's very fascinating, but so annoying because it makes the house look a mess - albeit in a very clear trail.

Separation anxiety
by: Andy in Green Bay

My adopted buddy Maynard, a 14 yr old neutered male Tabby drags my clothes around the house, usually right after me or my gal leaves the house. Almost always to the area of the house we were last in. In fact, my gal just left the house and not ten minutes later Maynard drags a t-shirt to me meowing/yowling while dragging it between his legs. I always praise him, pet him when he does it and it calms him down. I adopted him when he was six, and he started the dragging of clothes about eight weeks after I brought him home.

Dragging My Clothes
by: Anonymous

I got my cat from outside. He's about 1 year old and every night he takes my clothes, and ONLY my clothes, and brings them downstairs.

no dragging
by: Anonymous

I have a cat that was dumped from a car. She is young but fixed. I took her to the vet and she is healthy and well after 600 dollars to see why she will throw herself on her back and thrash about and yowl and hiss. She is not in heat as my male cats run away at the sight of this. She is not vicious to anyone, but it is very disturbing. it seems to be chronic and only lasts about a month at a time. I would say maybe two or three times a year. She is yowling as I key.

Cat bring up socks
by: Anonymous

My cat Sally has started bringing socks up from downstairs. I blamed the kids at first. Wondering why they would leave single socks at the bottom of stairs. But 1 night I see my cat bringing them up and howling while she was carrying it in her mouth. I have another cat who doesn't do this. We adopted Sally 7 1/2 years ago and she just started doing this about 6 months ago. They are strictly indoor cats. Thanks for sharing

My Maine coon
by: Jen

I adopted a 7 year old male Maine coon from a shelter six months ago. It took a few weeks for him to stop moping and warm up to us, but now he's very affectionate and social. For months now he's been carrying my husband's socks around, wailing. We were confused for awhile, but it seems to be an affectionate thing. When he started dragging my clothes around too I found myself happy, like he chose me. He likes me too! He also drags around the first toy we got him, all the while wailing. Mostly cute and humorous, occasionally annoying.

by: Dusty

Rascal is an 8-yr-old neutered male. He is constantly dragging my clothes. He also puts stuff in his mouth and wraps his paws around it (blanket, towel, etc) as if it were a female. He also does the strange meow.

Olivia the Maine Coon
by: Tracey

Livvy is a 5 year old Maine Coon. She was fixed at 6 months, never had a litter. The items she drags out: She gets in the pantry and gets the box of ziplock storage bags - one day I came home to find 14 in the living room, 7 in the bedroom, and 4 in the study. I've learned to lock these up.

She has these two ribbons that she's carted around since she was a kitten. ANYTHING plastic. She won't eat it, but drags it around from room to room. My son has a stuffed tiger that sits on my dresser (it stands about 6 inches). She drags this out in the living room almost daily. I can never catch her 'in the act'. I'll be in the study and I'll hear her and when I find her the object has already been moved.

Loud, low meowing. Like she's calling out and trying to find me. Sometimes, I'll hear her and I'll call out to her "What's the matter Livvy?". Her meowing then changes, to a searching type of meow and then when she comes in I can tell she's very happy to see me. She drags out SOMETHING either in my bedroom or the living room every day. It's always a treat to see what she's gotten into next while I was at work. I do think it's a separation anxiety thing tho..she doesn't do it as much on the weekends when I'm home, but more during the weekdays when I'm gone.

two dragging behaviors
by: Leprejuan

Cat one yowls in the morning and moves his trusty sleeping blanket (from when we adopted him) to the floor in another room. It's always a high traffic or sunshine spot, never just a random area. I think he's claiming territory.

Cat two yowls at night and brings the deadly shoelace (that the two of us use to play) like a trophy. I think that it's hunting behavior.

polly cat
by: Anonymous

My Polly is a desexed female and since she was a kitten has carried around in her mouth my sons terry dressing gown cord. When my son moved out 12 months ago he had to take his dressing gown but leave the cord. Polly will climb on top of the clothes fairer with the cord firmly in her mouth. She is an indoor cat.

Dragging socks and excessive meowing
by: Diana

My cat Pandora has done this since a kitten. Socks In particular are her favorite thing to collect and while collecting she meows very loudly and excessively. She has never had a litter and has been fixed since one year and the behavior started way before breeding age. She will get in my sock drawer and bring all my socks to a location usually under a table.

I have tried everything over the years (she is 8 now) thinking the behavior was tied to babies, but once I started telling her thank you for the sock when she is screaming and carrying socks around she will immediately stop doing it. I think it's a hunting and gift giving behavior since she is unable to go outside and get me a mouse or bird. And as I said the behavior ceases when I tell her thank you and how honored I am that she got me a sock.

elderly cats dragging stuff as kittens
by: beachbaby196883

My female Himalayan is 16 years old. She was spayed when she was 4 years old after only 3 litters. 2 years AFTER spaying, she started dragging socks from the laundry hamper into the living room, crying LOUDLY. I think it might be senility, but after reading a couple of posts from cat parents, I am starting to wonder if it might be linked to simple mothering instincts that some felines might have something like HUMAN women who still have those instincts after menopause.

cat dragging clothes
by: mand

My cat does this, it's so funny. My sisters cat does it, and so does my brothers. My brother asked the vet about it a while back and he said that dragging clothes n stuff around is because they are lacking fiber in their diet? I never imagined this goofy answer to such a behavioral issue, but that's what he said! I myself, don't believe it. This vet has been an established vet in the area for years, but his answer is too wonky to believe. It seems like an attention thing to me.

Also male
by: Anonymous

My Orange Striped male Cat named Pinky does the same as one person on here has described. I definitely think there is some type of reason for this behavior (not just silliness.) My cat has two black shoe strings as part of his collection of toys. No matter how many times I put the strings back in his toy basket, no more than a day goes by that they are back in our bedroom on the floor next to my side of the bed.

I have only caught him once dragging them in and making some kind of crying noise. It freaked me out. I honestly thought something was wrong with him. I have not heard it since, although my boyfriend said he has heard him making that same sound in the night. Needless to say, I don't really fuss with the strings anymore. If Pinky wants them there, then who am I to get in his way?

heavy lifting
by: confused about cats

My cat dicey carries very heavy things around the house, up the stairs and down. She's only 5 months old and in good shape. Today I found her 25 to 30 lb feather down pillow at the other end of the hallway. Socks was the beginning, now it can be jeans to large throw pillows. Always when were not home. "Normal" I think not. I thought she was moving out the other day, all her toys and blanket where at the door when I came home.

Cats Dragging Things
by: Anonymous

I have two (2) Maine coon cats. They are brother and sister. I adopted them both from a shelter. Both cats have this same type of behavior! The female "Nala" drags dirty laundry up the steps and meows very loudly. The laundry is scattered all over the kitchen and in the hallway. The male cat "Simba" leaves rubber bands, weed eater string and broken zip ties on the front porch daily!! We live near a post office, so that is where I think he finds his treasures. Since I am not outside to hear him, I do not know if he meows when he delivers his goodies. They are both so sweet and good kitties. Ha Ha

cat drags things through house
by: Marie

My siamese drags clothes up and down the stairs all night. I asked my vet and he thinks it's separation anxiety. He only does it when the lights are off and everyone has gone to bed.

Update on my lovely but crazy cat!
by: Anonymous

I posted a while back regarding my female Maine Coone that would carry socks and cry. She would do it (I thought) because she missed her kittens.
*Update* We have since had her fixed and although it's been about a year, I recently noticed her in the yard carrying a leaf and making the same crying sounds.
So who knows what she's doing! ! All I know at this point is she seems happy and she's healthy. I just guess she is vocalizing and goofing off.

Dragging stuff up the steps
by: Anonymous

My 1yr old black & white cat, Witter, has been attached to a toy he's had since he was 7wks old. It's a cheap black, furry mouse we bought from the grocery store. We attached it to a long, thick rope, and we toss it around like a bull whip. He loves it! The strange thing is that he absolutely MUST drag it upstairs at night when we all go to bed.

It's quite heavy & long, so he struggles to get it up the steps without getting it snagged someplace. He cries VERY loudly with it in his mouth while dragging it. We sometimes get up out of bed to get it for him. And, in the morning at some point, he ALWAYS goes upstairs to drag it down for the day. My question is, Is it prey... or is it a baby to him?

trying to eat me
by: cat love

My grandparents cat will bite my arm pretty hard and start trying to drag me around the house. Every once in a while hell stop and start chew wing on my arm then grab it and start dragging me around again.

I feel like he's acting like I'm prey because right when he grabs my arm he freezes and starts to slowly tighten his bite like he's strangling prey. Then he try to walk off with my arm. I'm the only one he does this to. What does it mean?

emotionally attached to his mouse
by: Anonymous

My male cat drags his toy mouse around that we put on a long, heavy rope. We toss the mouse around like a bull whip for play everyday. He's had it since he was 7wks old and EVERY NIGHT he struggles to get it upstairs to bed with my husband and I. He cries loudly, like he's emotionally distressed, and we end up getting UP & OUT of our bed to get it for him. Then, in the morning...he brings it downstairs.

by: Mary

My kitten is now 6 months old and she was spayed last month, this dragging her bedding about seems to have started since then,she doesn't make any noise. But for the last two nights whilst sitting on my lap she has grabbed my dressing gown and tried to drag it off my lap, again with no noise, very strange behavior, any one else heard of this?

by: Anonymous

I have a 3-year-old, MALE, nebelung kitty. He has two black shoestrings that aren't tied together that he carries around the house and meows very loudly and deep. He always keeps them together and usually always near me. If I'm in a certain room.. he will bring them in there. Sometimes I will even wake up with them draped across me in bed. I always giggle at him when he has them and say, "you bringing your strings?" He always acts very accomplished once I say it.

Cat with Socks
by: Amanda

Just found this page. Love what all your cats do. My cat is male and has only recently in the last year decided to walk around with my socks in his mouth meowing loudly. He's been checked out by the vets nothing wrong with him and vet said just a sign of affection. So every time he brings us something we thank him and say good boy. My other two cats have never done this 2 males one female. (All now indoor cats after one got knocked down). but the other male cat has now started doing this with toy mice. I love it, think its cute. Never shout at them for showing affection.

by: emliegh

We have had patchesar since 8wks and he has drag anything he can move. We went away one weekend and when we came home he had drag our bed comforter,pillows and shoes to the front door. If we go out on the porch and come back in he has all the shoes out of the crate behind the front door, and you know when he has something because he starts that loud crying noise. we were told by our vet that he was looking for his comfort zone. Don't you think after 13 years he would have found it by now.

Silly cats
by: Sarah

My Zina drags things as well and makes a loud sound, but she drags my daughters clothes from her room to my room and puts them under my side of the bed in my room never anybody else's just my daughters and it's usually 3 items, different items every night. I thought she was strange at first. Glad to know it's not just my cat, but wish I knew what it meant.

Sock dragging
by: Anonymous

My daughter who is in college taking animal behavior major says the cat is dragging the socks as a substitute for prey. But here is the really weird part - the cat always drags socks out of the laundry in multiples of 3 and then stops until we clean them up. 3 socks or 6 socks or 9 socks. Hasn't done 12 socks yet.

Male Maine Coon
by: Irish665

From reading, this behavior does seem to affect a great number of Maine Coons. I seriously don't think it has anything to do with maternal issues or momma cats missing their kittens. My neutered, male cat started this with a long, black shoe string when he was a kitten. He would drag it, while walking backwards and crying. It looked like the shoestring was chasing him and we laughed it off and called it his snake. It then escalated to socks, then my scarves. Now, it is any piece of my clothes he can find.

Although there are 5 people in our house, he only carries my clothes and it seems he prefers items made of really soft, t-shirt knit, like PJs. He generally does this in the evening when I am sitting on the sofa and he brings the items up onto the sofa next to me. If I have his favorite blanket, he'll knead and knead with the item n his mouth. Until he finally settles down and lays on it. After we go to bed, he will bring all of the items back upstairs and drop them outside our bedroom door. It's weird and I'd love to know the reason.

Mama cat carries socks
by: Anonymous

My Maine Coon mix would carry socks and cry as we gave her kittens away. It was heartbreaking although they went to wonderful homes.
Her second (and last) litter we noticed she started doing the same thing but BEFORE any kittens left. She is a very great mother to her kittens. I chalk it up to either her having "empty nest" syndrome as her kittens are weaning... Or hormonal changes.
Hope this helps!

helpfull advice
by: Anonymous

my cat does the same thing to and she does it all day and it means that's his or her toy. The best way to get your cat is when he or she is dragging it tell your cat to "drop it!" in a tone of voice because that's what I tell my cat and she will drop it. ~ I hope I was help full for you.

Male cat night time sock mover
by: joan

My neutered male Maine Coon cat who is about 5 years of age has taken up the habit of carrying my grandsons rolled up socks into the dining area each night . He makes the sound a Momma cat would make as he transports these socks. They are always my my little grandsons ( I have two 3 yr old g-sons) and he always takes them to the same place. where I sit when on the computer. He just started doing this in the last 4 months.

His quirks before this was his love of chewing on plastic to the point where I have to keep 6-packs of soda out of his reach or he will chew the plastic carrier off of them . I have to be ever so careful because he actually will swallow plastic pieces resulting in him gagging on them and throwing up. His peculiar quirks all started with his rubber band fetish. He actually would pull rubber bands off packs of photos I had banded together in a box under my bed.

Now I deal with his rubber band, plastic chewing, sock toting (he will dig them out of a closed sock bag that I keep them in) doing his Momma sounding meowing as he moves the socks it is only ever my grand babies socks. We make a game out of what socks the cat has picked out for them. Oh did I mention that he only ever asks for food at night with his way of doing it ever laying on top of me even if I am laying on my side by pulling at my hair. I smile as I write this because the cat definitely is intelligent.

He never fails to amaze me or scare me as he is so big that he easily can stand on his hind legs and use his front paws to move the door handles. Not a good thing to hear your front door knob being turned at 3 in the morning. It isn't maternal this sock toting behavior of his and not a hunting behavior it is something which i would love to know why cats do it.

I see everyone whose cat does this behavior tries to explain the behavior according to what they think is the reason for their cat to do so and each of their answers seem to be a different one.It appears that if it is more common for cats to do this than we know that maybe there really is a common reason . I never think I know the answer when it comes to a pet not till said pet is able to talk and tell me the real reason and in that case I wouldn't need to write to you all.

cat dragging moccasin
by: Anonymous

Our 5 year old male neutered indoor tabby has dragged an old moccasin of mine around since he was a kitten. Seldom see him with it but it travels to back door in morning, kitchen living room and hallway during the day, and at bedtime he meows with it and drops it on floor beside our bed. We call it his girlfriend. Once in awhile it is in his water bowl. We wonder if he is trying to wash it, give it a drink, or drown it!

by: Cindy

I have three cats and only one does this. He did it a few years back and stopped. Now I have had surgery and sleeping in the chair and he does it every night. It is usually my slippers or the snowman on my table but the other day it was my cell phone. Kinda heavy I thought for a cat. And he too makes this horrid sound. I think he knows I hurt and is trying to help me.

Psychological trauma?
by: Anonymous

My very old cat (14) has done this for years now. When she was about 3 or 4 she miscarried several kittens because she was so small at the time and I've always thought this behavior was as a result of that. But reading the comments would suggest I'm mistaken. Has anyone else's cat had still births?

Carrying stuff and crying
by: Anonymous

One (and only 1) of my 3 cats, Sukie, has started doing this 2 or 3 times a day with 2 favorite toys. She's about 18 months' old and was spayed a couple of months back. She's such a quiet cat normally, that this always attracts attention. I just praise her and then she looks happy and goes about her business.

Interested to hear other cats doing this too. For me it's not a problem as it's not constant. If it's constant as with the original poster's cat it may well relate to her only recently having had the kittens and should tail off to acceptable levels as her hormones return to normal.

Phew dragging cats
by: Anonymous

Really glad I found this page!!! I thought my cat was the only mental case to do this!! I have a girl called Missy who's about 5 and drags all my clothes around - never my partners just mine. She does a funny meow whilst doing it. Now I know she's just quirky! the funniest thing I've seen her drag was a draft excluder (stops under door drafts) so funny as she's such a small cat dragging this huge long thing under her belly :) cute!

Sock bandit
by: LP

I adopted sister kittens about 4 years ago. One of them is a "sock bandit" because she will find socks (even in closed drawers), generally in the middle of the night or when no one is home, meows that strange, low yowl, and leaves them all over the rug in our den. She was spayed as soon as she was old enough. Glad to see she is not the only bandit!

Ignore the clothes and the cat will stop
by: Anonymous

I think that this is your cat attention seeking and wanting praise from you. My friend's cat did this with worms, so count yourself lucky with socks! When you see the items of clothing, I would guess you are exclaiming and picking them up and moving them away.

The cat thinks you are pleased with her (it doesn't know that you're saying 'how annoying' and not 'how wonderful), and continues to do this for more praise. The solution might be to completely ignore the things that your cat is moving about until the cat can't see you. Pretend the clothes are not there and go about your normal routine. When the cat isn't around, pick the clothing up and put it away. Don't let the cat see you are bothered by it - it thinks it is doing a good thing for you!

dragging shoes out of my room
by: Anonymous

My cat somehow likes to drags my shoes out to the hallway at home. I keep missing one side of my shoes or sneakers. This includes slippers, boot and flip-flops. The cutest thing about this is he lets you know what he did by meowing!

Gizmo the Cat burglar
by: Anonymous

When Gizmo was about 2 or 3 we had just moved into a new neighborhood and he wasn't use to going outside by himself. He started going out of his yard and when he came home he started bringing stuff home, like a lip pencil, socks, a tee shirt (we had to help him get it through a hole in the fence).

One day he brought home a glove, the next day he brought home the matching glove. We had a granddaughter visiting us and he would get her socks and take them outside through the cat door and put them under the deck.

Now Gizmo is 13 and he just carries his pieces of elastic ( he has about 5 pieces) upstairs into the bedroom while he is making a very loud noise with the elastic in his mouth.

I used to throw the elastic down stairs but then started feeling sorry for him that he had to carry them back up. He takes them down some times and brings them back up. This usually happens just at night when you are sleeping but the noise he makes wakes you up. He likes the black elastic the best!

cat dragging shoes
by: Anonymous

My cat is 13 and in the past year started pulling my heavy leather shoes out of a hall basket and drag them into the living room. She makes a howling sound too but usually does it at night or when no one is looking. Often its leather shoes so I wonder if this has something to do with it?

Cat dragging stuff - mine too!
by: Lorraine

When my cat Pike has a good meal, she thanks me by dragging socks in my direction. She cries a weird cry as she does it. It is her way of thanking me for her dinner. She is "treating" me!

My cats crazy sock thing
by: sparky

I have two lovely cats , Missy is six and has recently started bringing me socks whilst crying. I think its a hunting substitute, which i really dont mind because i always have trouble finding my socks in the morning.

The best bit of all is she only brings me clean socks never dirty! its a little quirk she has which is really helpful to me!

Baby baby
by: Anonymous

My cat Mena has had a cat beanie baby since she was a kitten. She is now almost 13 years old. She loves to bring us her toy howling and carrying it in her mouth.

Sometimes it will go weeks and she doesn't mess with it but most days she'll move it at least once.

Once she senses that we see her she will immediately put it down and want to be praised. We tell her what a good girl she is for bringing us the "baby baby."

That makes her happy and then goes about her business. We have many other small stuffed animals but she only loves the baby baby. A few times I have found it in the food or water bowl. Once she put it in the litter.

I guess that was a mistake because she wouldn't mess it again until after I put it in the wash. LOL!

gonzo and his sock blanky
by: Anonymous

my 9 week old kitten Gonzo does this also. He will get my sock, usually a fuzzy one I have and run with it into a hidden place. if i get near him he will growl and hiss and try to scratch. Weird cat behavior?

My Cat
by: Anonymous

My cat does this as well, and she has been spayed, never had kittens, and is elderly for a cat (she is 16).

She has just recently started doing this with my socks and footies, she carries them around, mouths them and meows, or wails, as though she is calling kittens.

The really odd thing is she will not do this with anyone else' socks but mine! If my husbands are on the floor, she will ignore them.

by: udontned2no...

We have a cat, Charlie, and he had a snowman, and still has it. He carries it around the house, caterwals, and, well, sort of mates with it every night,

And when did you get the cat fixed? Charlie was, (we think) mating when we got him fixed, so he is looking for his significant other feline. But he has to settle for the snowman. LOL!

by: Rhonda

My Cat Gizmo does the same thing, from What I read and researched it has to do with hording, he is the only one out of the 3 brothers that do this, 2 of them I managed to catch when they were like 6 wks old.

The feral mom brought them to the carport, Gizmo on the other hand didn't catch till he was about 5 months old, and only caught him cause he was so sick he was very close to dying, after about 300 or so bucks he is alive and well.

But back to the socks, what I read is when they are kittens in the wild the momma cat brings mice, birds or any prey she had hunted and killed back to the kitten to provide them with food once they are able to eat on their own, and sometimes it just a natural instinct the cats pick up on and some act it out.

Instead of actual prey they will use something else as in gizmos case he chooses socks and leaves them all over the kitchen...just as when we were kids we played house or grocery store in play. It not nothing to be concerned about.

It is just something natural and instinctive that has turned into cat play since they have no need to hunt, Hope this helps not an expert but that is what i have researched and it did make since. :)

Jack cat does too!
by: Nancy in Dallas

I have a male cat who is indoor/outdoor and has been neutered. So much for the indoor hunting theories and mother/kitten theories.

Besides the yowling being disturbing, the underwear and tshirts from the laundry basket all over the floor. When arriving with guests it is very embarrassing, he is also putting holes via teeth marks in all of my clothes that he drags.

Jack is also prone to chewing the tip of his tail which creates a crazy pattern in his fur!

Spay Her
by: Anonymous

Domestic cats should be spayed. From a behavioral point of view, it stops spraying and other type of obsessive behavior very often.

From a compassionate standpoint, we have hundreds of thousands of kittens being put down for lack of a home. Adopt if you want more, you can have all the cat love in the world and save lives at the same time!

Wow cats and socks
by: Tiffany

I never realized how common it is for cats to use socks, etc. as playthings or substitute kittens or whatever. It's good to know that, even if we don't exactly know why.

Thanks For Sharing Everyone!
Tiffany / Arkansas

sock stealer
by: Anonymous

I, too, have a sock lifting cat. I just adopted him from a family who was going to take him to the pound. He's about 7 years old, and each time I take dirty laundry to the basement, he brings up all the socks - again, with the muffled, tortured MEOW! I've spoken to his former family, and they said he's always done this. He does kick at the sock with his hind legs and lays on it a few minutes, then goes about his business. I am constantly picking up socks.. but I'm happy he has a hobby!

Yowling cats
by: Martina

I used to worry about my one cat (I have three) as I would hear yowling and thought she might be in distress, but every time I went to check she was carrying her foam ball in her mouth and yowling at the same time (I ignore it now). I think it's just part of play for her, but it does sound distressing for sure!

dragging mine too!
by: daria

my 9 year old selkirk rex has been doing this all her life. I'd say at least 2 or 3 times a week I'll hear her in another room letting out this pathetic muffled wail, and I'll know she either have a toy, a sock, or one of my hair ties in her mouth when she comes in the room.

Hunter Cat
by: Patti

I have an older indoor male cat who will satisfy his hunting needs by "conquering" wide terry hair elastics. He meows loudly while carrying an elastic in his mouth and plays with it as if it was a mouse.

Sometimes late at night (2 a.m.?) he will meow while coming up the hallway, then jump on the bed with his victim. He tosses it in the air and pounces on it many times, and if it lands on the floor, he fetches it back up onto the bed again.

He truly seems to be into the hunt/play/kill routine, and definitely wants praise for saving me from the dreaded hair elastic.

I would think that your cat is doing the same, but on a bigger scale...especially for her kittens.

Enjoy it! :)

Proud Praise
by: Tiffany

I had a cat that used to do the same. She'd help herself to the spare sock basket, and then she'd drop it at my feet & wait for praise.

I'm pretty sure that's how inside kitties sort of satisfy their hunting instinct. She'd let out her cry, also, while "killing" the sock. Then, she absolutely would NOT leave me alone until I praised her. It went something like this, "Oh, yes. You're such a good girl for killing that sock! Good girl." After that, she'd go about her business.

I always thought it was kind of funny, But, whatever the feeling, I don't think it's anything to worry about.

missing babies?
by: Anonymous

Hi there,do you still have her kittens?If not she might be looking for them.

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