Cat carrying toys

Cat carrying toys

Cat carrying toys

Hey I have a cat that carries toys and cry's at the same time. My cat named Tibu (meaning chick in English) who is almost 8 years old. She has this weird custom of starting to meow or speak ordinarily while carrying around her shaggy rainbow stuffed ball toy. This is currently her favorite cat toy.

The cries she makes almost sound like voices. Although you can't quite make out the words she is saying. Nevertheless, the toy is usually brought near to the room where the family is at the moment. She has been fixed and she has never had kittens. Any one else have a similar issue with their pet? Thanks Helen.

Dear Helen : Noolie does this also
by: Noolie's momma

Noolie my 12 year old neutered 1/2 wild Himalayan Snowshoe and 1/2 Calico. He will carry around his soft nerf ball or one of the others he has around and cries. Noolie makes these unusual cries almost like voices. Especially after I leave the room, or when we're sleeping. I tried to take the ball away from him, but he won't let go. He loves to play more than any other cat we've had.

Although him not giving me the ball isn't very nice I try not to take it personally. He has always loved to play chase and still does. He's very skittish of people and hates other cats or kitties. He has always been an inside cat. The bad part is he bites and will do this when he plays. Also when I cry, the cat wants to bite me. He bites hard and draws blood.

He has started hissing lately. He will even do this after he has come up or wants to be petted. If we pet or play with him, he will either bite me or hiss loudly and then run away. What the heck is wrong with this crazy cat?

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Strange cat cries
by: Anonymous

My 3 yr old male cat has always done this. It scared me the first time I heard the cry as I thought my cat was hurt. He only does this with the first toy he was introduced to. He takes it in the basement and then proceeds to come back up the steps with it in his mouth making that noise. Then when I look at him he drops it and walks away.

Belle and Princess
by: Anonymous

I have two cats, Belle and Princess. Both do this although belle does it the most. I got them a little snake. You pull it's tail and it vibrates and moves, although they don't seem bothered with it when I try to play, at random times they pick it up and meow walking with it in their mouth.

I do not think it's because they want babies as they have not long had kittens. Princess had her litter first and a week later Belle had hers although we have gotten rid of Princess's Belle still has her 5 kittens here and they both play the mother role. I'm just assuming that She thinks it's a real snake that's either died? I'm not sure. What do you think?

She don't cry she just caries stuffed animals
by: Damonas momma

I found my cat as kitten in my clients back yard a year ago. She has had two litters of kittens. She kind of does the same thing as everyone else is saying, but she don't howl or meow she just caries my daughter's stuffed animals around. Even if there twice her size and I have no clue why. She usually just drags them under the bed and then lays down with them.

Mandy does this also
by: Anonymous

We adopted our 7 year old cat last year. She arrived with her favorite little toy animal which looked well worn and loved. Whenever we leave the house, we know she is crying, because her toy has moved from where it was before we left. At night, after lights out, she will pick the toy up and carry it around the house meowing for a couple minutes, and then quiet.

We think she doesn't like to be alone, because even if my husband and I are in different rooms from her, after a little while she'll realize she's all alone and start crying. It sounds so sad that I hate to go anywhere and leave her. We were told when we were adopting her that she doesn't do well with other animals. They had to put her in a room all by herself at the foster home. Her favorite time is when all three of us are together in the living room. That's when she is happiest.

loves her football
by: Zoey

Every night, my small 8lb runt of the litter, now 6 year old, inside cat finds a dog toy half her size and starts to meow loud with the same howl type meow as many are describing here. I call her and she brings the toy upstairs and then lays down satisfied. We've tried to hide it, but she will find it every night without failure. It's so cute!

My cat does the same
by: Anonymous

My two year old orange tabby has been doing the same thing during the past year, especially after my husband leaves in the morning for work and I'm still getting ready. He has this orange fluff ball that is attached to a piece of ribbon and he carries it around the house just crying.

Most of the time he will walk over to the bedroom door and cry. Even when we are both sitting on the couch. Occasionally he will bring it near us when we're at the dinner table or when we let him sleep under the bed. He treats the toy like his teddy bear, but I just can't understand why my only child has been crying every morning since I've gone back to work.

smokey cries too
by: Anonymous

Our 10 y/ o has a mouse she carries around howling. Her brother runs over and jumps on her back and grabs her on the back of her neck. Almost like he's mounting her?

cries and walks with a toy
by: Anonymous

Our 8 yr old male orange cat, Laramie, for some time now brings his favorite toy (a wand) actually drags the wand clear into the bedroom making loud pitiful cries..He keeps crying until I tell him "good boy, etc., then he brings it up and lays it next to me purring. Love this little sweetheart. He thinks he is my child.

Normal pack behavior
by: Brady

I foster cats and have 11 of my own. I have noticed that single cats by themselves do this less. A couple of mine do it and it always perks up my other cats ears. My thoughts are in the wild I know cats are not supposed to be pack animals, but I think differently. My guess is its letting everyone know I caught something, look at me I did good.

Sometimes they bring it to me and I tell them how good they did and throw it or play with them with it. I only guess this because even if some of mine are asleep, when this happens they will perk up ears or look up and around. Cats have over 100 vocal sounds. I wish we could translate them! My 2 cents. Save a cat. Adopt. Always spay and neuter. Happy catting!

Looking for answers..
by: Rocky

So my 10 year old male cat Jasper is doing the same thing with a toy and meowing loudly as if he's angry. He used to do this while humping and kneading a pillow or a smaller toy. Is this frustration from being neutered? He's never made it with a female cat and I think this is his way letting me know he's pissed off about it. He's probably impotent now. I know it may sound funny, but I feel really bad about it. Catnip seems to make him forget about it for a little while.

My sweet baby does it too
by: Northshorecatlady

I have a 16 year old sweetheart brown tabby with 6 toes who does the same thing. Six brings her toy mice into the bedroom with that same howling meow and sort of lines them up. Every once in a while she will bring them into the bed. My 2 year old Tabby Greh, who has been part of our family since last June, started doing the same thing, but she drags her favorite feathery hanging toy on a stick into bed. Not sure if Greh does it because Six does it.

My Bonnie Does This To and More!
by: Judy

So happy I found this site! My 3 yr old Bonnie does not limit it to just toys, but also candy bars, socks, bras, a bag of bagles, my husband's knee brace, and any paperwork left on the kitchen counter. They all end up on the side of my bed in the morning.....looks like a disaster zone! She cries as she brings them to me but seems so happy when I praise her for bringing Mommy "presents". I look forward to seeing what she has brought me when I wake up in the morning. She also insists on kissing my face like a little puppy!

Underwear Bandit
by: Pam

Our nine year old Calico, Buttons, scours our house looking for prey. She will start screaming and crying and show up with a toy, sock or a pair of underwear, nothing is off limits. I believe she is "mousing", she has never been outside nor has she seen a real mouse, but we think she is mousing, bringing us the "prize" and we of course tell her what a good girl she is and she is very pleased with herself!

After I tell her how great she is she goes to my Husband so he can tell her too; she gets all cocky lays down and has a bath. The best I have seen is her dragging a pair of long underwear down the hallway, screaming, yelling, announcing her accomplishment and trying not to walk on them dragging between her legs. You got to love her!

Mine too but with my shoes!
by: Kim

My cat, Kitty, is 15 years old. She has taken to carrying around my SHOES while crying. She won't stop unless I go physically take the shoe out of her mouth. Today I found her under the dining room table laying on top of my shoe. She will even carry around my husband's tennis shoe...and that's a really big shoe.

I'm glad to see that other people's cats do it too, but I wish I knew why she does it or how to appease her or even make her stop. She used to just do it to toys every once in a while, but now it is shoes and it's 4+ times a day.

My cat does it too
by: Jess

My cat, Whisper, is about 14 and she too carries her mouse around and purrs and meows. She treats it like it is her baby. When she was younger she used to do it on and off but now that she's older she can do it three or four times a day, often when she thinks she's left on her own, and if she spots one of us she will immediately stop. She will also only do it with one particular mouse. Our other cat, Tyke, just looks at her as if she is crazy. It's funny.

Puts Them In Our Shoes!!
by: Anonymous

Our 8 month old Emma, does the same thing! She carries around a stuffed monkey half her size while making a kind of chirping, purring, meowing sound. She collects all her toys at night and puts them either in our shoes, in my purse, or in a pile outside the bedroom door! I don't go a single day without finding a toy in a funny place!

crazy cat
by: Anonymous

My calico does this too...she is 8 yrs old and carries up to 46 toys in one night. during the day she will bring the toys from the bedroom to where my home office is. Her howling is so loud that my spouse and I can seldom sleep a full night without disturbance. it's really funny.

Sweet kitties
by: Anonymous

My older 16-pound orange fella displays a similar behavior carrying his toys through the house while making a very distinctive cry. Often times we wake in the morning to find a collection of toy mice in our bed.

baby cats
by: Anonymous

my cat carries a stuffed cat around and makes loud meows. She usually just does it at night or when she is alone.

She seems to try and hide it in corners, under furniture or in the bathroom. She is so cute.

cry baby cat
by: Anonymous

My male cat, Jake, a big, burly, 18 pound pixie bob, walks around the house with a toy in his mouth making a kind of sad, almost haunting, moaning and whining sound.

This used to happen with just one toy, his favorite mouse, but now its any soft toy he happens to find, and with 4 cats, we have plenty!

to helen
by: shar

my male cat Minno does the same thing except it is always my socks. His high pitched yowling is so frantic. I really think it is a kind of attention getting thing.

I usually go get him and put him into my bed and cuddle. When he was a kitten i used to put him into my socks so i think he uses it to soothe his little soul. ha ha l love him so very much. Shar

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