Cat biting while kneading

by ginger
(jax fl)

Ginger cat kneading

Ginger cat kneading

Does anybody else have this cat biting while kneading thing going on. Every time our cat gets comfortable he bites anything thats around like a blanket or whatever but prefers fabric materials while he kneads away.

I have had cats do the kneading thing with the front paws but this guy does it with all 4 paws. He also pulls back against what he is biting into. I guess it relaxes him since he can hardly keep his eyes open after a while of performing the biting and kneading ritual.

He is non responsive while doing this routine as well. It really gets creepy after awhile. I would compare this as going into a trance or almost being hypnotized. Regardless after 20 minutes or so he settles in for is what is usually a long nap of more then an hour. I guess I'm jealous as I have problems falling asleep and sometimes take ambian. I have tried his biting and kneading ritual and yes it's fun but does not help me sleep.

Here is a cat biting a blanket while kneading! This is not my cat but the routine is exactly the same.

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Biting and kneeding
by: Anonymous

We adopted 2 brothers from a shelter. They came to the shelter together so they were both weaned at the Same time. 1 does it and the other doesn't. It's only my fuzzy blanket with a picture of 3 cats. Both cats have been neutered. The one that does it is smaller and has a heart murmur. He may have been the runt and pushed away while nursing. He grabs the blanket and after a few minutes try's a different section. I just tell him, well no milk from that spot so try another. Always falls asleep when he's done. Don't understand it, but he sure purrs loud during it.

by: Em & Pishy the Cat

Our cat who we adopted two months JUST started doing this act today with my blanket at my boyfriend's apartment. He will only do it when I am on the bed with him or near him and the blanket is on the bed. We also have been beginning to move out into a new place this weekend and the apartment is covered in boxes. I've been reading that this is an act response of affection to who the cat likes the most and how the cat responses to stress. Hope this helps.

My cat is acting strange
by: Anonymous

my male cat that is fixed recently started doing that. But he comes up and tried to bite my arm, but it's to hard so he goes for my shoulder. And he does not let go. It's scary because his eyes dilate more than usual.

Cat biting insight
by: Anonymous

My cat (male, fixed) does the exact same thing! And I have noticed that he actually starts to hump as well when he is doing this. I checked under his belly one time and his privates were exposed as if he were actually fornicating. Whenever I try to pet him he gets a little angry, but lately I've been just hugging around him and petting and it seems to make him stop and just fall asleep. Absolutely NO clue why he does this though.

Yup, it's a trance
by: Hoillibird

My cat definitely does the same thing but climbs on my chest when I am, laying down and bites my shirt. Always try to go for the nip area too, so I have to cover them. But she goes into a trance, and if I try to move her, she gets embarrassed and runs away.

Kneady biter
by: Tisha

I have the same occurrence just not that extreme. I have a male tabby that has always been a kneader. He does this ritual with both me and my daughter then shortly soon after a long cat nap takes place, but lately he's, been kneading and will throw a bite or 2 in the mix and caught me off guard as I was reading. I did not expect the bite. Not a harsh bite, but enough for me to say hey' hey, hey, now buddy calm yourself down now. He normally literally gets, on my face and moves my book to the side and kneads on my chest. Then turn back and bite my hand that's holding my book. Its, funny cause I too have a hard time falling asleep and may have done the same ritual to fall asleep and I assure you it does, not work for us humans. Enjoy your felines.

by: Jet

It a natural instinct for kittens, it nurtures them after being separated from their mother. As a human I don't advise trying this method as that's proper mental.

I have this same experience
by: Anonymous

My cat firecracker age 2 does this with my robe after I shower. She bite down on it and doesn't let go and growls when I try to take it away. Truth be told I do not know how old she was when we got her and have no background history on since she was given to us by a friend of the family. Also she is spayed and has done this before spay surgery and after.

Kneading Blankies
by: Anonymous

My male cat does the same thing as if the blanket is a female. He also kneads and bites my stuffed animals exactly as if he was mating. I wish I could upload video to show this. Of course we need to educate ourselves about our cats, but just because one hasn't seen it is,not nice to call others ignorant.

kneading cats
by: Billie

Sorry but I've had cats 45 yrs and have never in my life heard that its any thing other than love for human or object. It represents the mother cat. The cats do not pleasure themselves. Its called kneading cats knead their mom when nursing. If anyone believes a cat can pleasure themselves you need to be evaluated. Education works wonders.

perfectly normal behavior
by: Anonymous

This is perfectly normal behavior. Vets use to say it was due to kittens being weaned to early, but generally most cats knead. It is them leaving their scent and marking their area. I have 3 cats that knead while biting my blanket and it seems to me that they are doing this to strengthen their bond with me as their mother figure. And each has their own area of my lap they claim. occasionally cats will assume a trance like state in doing this because it releases a feramone that in plain words makes them "happy" or tranquil. Some say it is just instinct from when cats were wild and shredded grass and leaves for beds. So both males and females do this.. perfectly normal.

dead mom
by: witchbaby

My cat serge has been doing that since he became a teenager. We found him when he still had his eyes closed next to four other dead kittens and dead mother. We thought he wasn't going to make it but he is now a healthy cat. We didn't know why until we asked our vet and she said it was cause he was just too young when lost his mum.

by: Anonymous

It is an instinct from kitten hood. It does occur when a kitten is weaned off too early. It's also a form of showing affection and it may consider you a parent. It is also a form of stress and anxiety relief. I just rescued a cat from the streets and after 3 days she sucks, and kneads my blanket purring right next to as I'm laying there. It's not weird at all. I would say it's like older kids that sucks their thumb. Your cat is saying I love you too.

cats kneading smelling and biting
by: Anonymous

Your cat displays classic symptoms of a cat in heat. He uses the cloth as a substitute of a female. Male cats bite the neck of the female to steady and dominate her during copulation.

I assume you have your male cats neutered. Otherwise they will mark your clothing and house with urine which is very difficult to get rid of.

by: Anonymous

I have been examining this behavior with my cat. He is a male. Almost a year. What ive come to find out is he is giving himself pleasure when doing his trance/kneading/biting thingy lol. Right after he is done , he smells the area , & then his mouth quivers & he leaves his mouth open for a few seconds , looking funny. Well I decided to take a smell for myself & it smelled of ejaculation. He then layed down , flipped up his leg & his lipstick was showing , yes I call his weenie , lipstick , because that's what it looks like. He then licked it until it went back inside , then fell fast asleep. Took a long time to realize this.

7 mo old cat does this
by: Anonymous

My daughters cat does this biting and kneading as well, generally not during the day, but he currently does it in the morning biting my robe while kneading and in the evening with a blanket or daughters pjs. it is odd because he just started it about a month ago. i never noticed it prior to that, but every morning now as soon as i sit down he is on my lap biting the robe and going thru this routine for a good 10-20 minutes.

Kitty sucks
by: Merily

We had a cat when I was growing up that did the same thing,the vet said it was because she was taken from her mother too soon and never properly weaned.I think that Ethel was just a weird cat.

cat biting blanket
by: Anonymous

my cat does the same thing. I dont think that they are "biting" but "nursing" on the blanket. My vet said that they do this when they are taken away from their mother too soon.

My cat has his favorite blankets. Some he wont touch but the "furrier" they are the better. We keep one special one in the corner of the family room for his enjoyment. Really a harmless habit.

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