Cat biting while kneading

by ginger
(jax fl)

Ginger cat kneading

Ginger cat kneading

Does anybody else have this cat biting while kneading thing going on. Every time our cat gets comfortable he bites anything thats around like a blanket or whatever but prefers fabric materials while he kneads away.

I have had cats do the kneading thing with the front paws but this guy does it with all 4 paws. He also pulls back against what he is biting into. I guess it relaxes him since he can hardly keep his eyes open after a while of performing the biting and kneading ritual.

He is non responsive while doing this routine as well. It really gets creepy after awhile. I would compare this as going into a trance or almost being hypnotized. Regardless after 20 minutes or so he settles in for is what is usually a long nap of more then an hour. I guess I'm jealous as I have problems falling asleep and sometimes take ambian. I have tried his biting and kneading ritual and yes it's fun but does not help me sleep.

Here is a cat biting a blanket while kneading! This is not my cat but the routine is exactly the same.

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7 mo old cat does this
by: Anonymous

My daughters cat does this biting and kneading as well, generally not during the day, but he currently does it in the morning biting my robe while kneading and in the evening with a blanket or daughters pjs. it is odd because he just started it about a month ago. i never noticed it prior to that, but every morning now as soon as i sit down he is on my lap biting the robe and going thru this routine for a good 10-20 minutes.

Kitty sucks
by: Merily

We had a cat when I was growing up that did the same thing,the vet said it was because she was taken from her mother too soon and never properly weaned.I think that Ethel was just a weird cat.

cat biting blanket
by: Anonymous

my cat does the same thing. I dont think that they are "biting" but "nursing" on the blanket. My vet said that they do this when they are taken away from their mother too soon.

My cat has his favorite blankets. Some he wont touch but the "furrier" they are the better. We keep one special one in the corner of the family room for his enjoyment. Really a harmless habit.

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